Formula Student is a competition where university students from around the world compete in the design, development, construction and driving of a single-seater vehicle, combining both engineering and business aspects.  

Originally from the United States, the Formula Student or Formula SAE has been spreading worldwide, creating competitions in countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Australia or Italy, among many others.

The competition is governed by strict regulations that seek to emulate the conditions of a professional competition, in which, in addition, an efficient management of the available resources will be especially required.

TecnoCampus MotorSport

TecnoCampus MotorSport's proposal is the creation from scratch of an electric single-seater vehicle to participate in the Formula Student competition, to be presented in 2023 in the "Class B" category, i.e. only in static tests, and in 2024 in "Class A", where it participates with the single-seater already built and in both static and dynamic tests.


The team is made up of:




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