Diving Experience

To open

Wise Lynk

One-click presence control software for your business

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Like La Mari


Hair salon 

Tangerine Cooking

Natural cuisine

Products, activities and workshops with an anthropological look at everything related to food.

To open

ROMA Style Collection

Online fashion store

Fashion is what you buy, style is what you do with it

To open


Fashion and Accessories for women

Image advice

To open


Intimate health and well-being


Concept Store

Fashion, accessories, stationery, art, decoration and natural awareness

Ferran Cortés

Integral design and communication study

Graphic and audiovisual sectors

To open

Les Müms


For mothers and professionals

To open


Aggregator of new job offers for opponents. Provides additional information on how to train to qualify for the position and requirements.

To open

Kitah & Pon

Rental of teepees or tents for events. They are decorated and personalized at each event.

To open

Sinag Hair Studio

Hairdressing and barbershop characterized by being a vegan center free of toxins and animal cruelty.

To open

Stylish Scooters

Customize your electric scooter with self-adhesive vinyls. They make you stand out from the rest and give you your personality.

To open


Accessory and repair services for mobile phones and other devices.

To open


Audio producer specializing in the creation of original music, sound design and audio branding.

To open


Second hand clothes from the best fashion brands

To open


Annanda Hairdresser takes care of hair health with exclusive aromatherapy services and bio-ethical products.

To open


Children's and baby fashion store

To open


Company oriented to provide technological answers and services of TIC to any level; small, medium or large company.

To open


Platform to connect Freelancers with companies that require their services

To open

Paleo Training Mataró

Training center based on the paleo training system

To open


Designer biobarbacoes with ecological grill

To open

He was born

Technology and Anxiety Control Techniques Center with Technology: Biofeedback

To open

CE Consulting Barcelona - Mataró

Business advice: tax, employment, legal and financial

To open

Gall's Street Food

Bar Restaurant

Mundo Vaper

Sale of electronic cigarettes with the best liquids


Personalized Integral Medicine for the prevention and well-being of the patient

To open

Coach Services

Coach services company


Support and assistance service in everything you need for your business

To open

Neteges M. Egea

Comprehensive cleaning services


Children's magazine

To open


Commercial agent in the field of energy efficiency and industrial facilities and maintenance

To open

The cartridge factory

Cartridge manufacturers and sellers

To open

Lawyers Muñoz Domenech

Civil, Criminal and Administrative Law

To open

Visak Control

Pest control



Lovely Pencil

Illustration and animation studio

To open

Babi Luna

Clothes and accessories for the baby

Junior Company Tecnocampus

Audiovisual content production

To open

Montserrat Vilalta

Jewelry and jewelry design

To open

Olga Lorente

Human resources

To open

Interior project by Teresa Roca

Decorators and interior designers

To open

Gersa Car Services


To open


Online platform that connects athletes with sports and health professionals

To open

DirCom marketing

Marketing and communication

To open


New Marketing Consultancy specializing in SMEs and the Self-Employed

To open


Bicycle messaging

To open


Graphic and web design focused on entrepreneurs

To open

Bruno's dough

Making pizza dough and pizza

To open

Europe tires

Mechanics workshop


Educational and leisure services


App that saves you time and money when filling the deposit


Transport services

To open



Jewelry online

To open

WeKonnect Technologies

Platform for sending promotions, offers and / or information

To open



Fitness Machinery Store

To open

Health & Dance

Space located in Mataró that combines health and dance

The garden at your door

Marketing of garden plants online

To open

Rotamax rehabilitations

Integral renovations and aluminum and PVC carpentry

To open

Wooden moments

Construction and marketing of furniture, decorative accessories and toys from reclaimed wood

To open

Barcelona Crew

Construction and marketing of furniture, decorative accessories and toys from recycled wood

To open


Chiquipark and family leisure

Pimpam original

E-commerce of personalized gift items


Tools for purchasing processes


Rental of private and refrigerated spaces

The Gaming House

Gaming and eSports shop


Personalized services related to sport and motivation

To open


Consulting for SMEs and entrepreneurs


Organic ice cream

To open


Sports-oriented website

Battery things

Distribution and sale of electric motorcycles

To open

Shatter it

Educational leisure services for young people and children

To open

Languages ​​Mataró

Language Academy

To open

Maresme Relocation

Point of union between the house and you

Sports People

Magazine focused on sports

To open

Look Auto

Used vehicle locator

To open

Octopus Garden

OctopusGarden; tapas, drinks and good music

To open

Bikeride Costa Brava

Circular routes website

To open

Lots of Malta

Craft beer

To open

Secretary in the network

It offers secretarial services online

Enric Nogueras

Audiovisual production. Creation of commercial, corporate, informative videos, etc.

To open


Manufacture, distribution and customization of sports merchandising.

To open