Learning activities:

Tecnocampus programs different training activities for the acquisition of the knowledge and skills needed to lead your project with greater guarantees of success. 

Discover your personal brand and how to transmit it in the world of the Internet with the most appropriate technology and social networks.


Based on the individualized analysis of your profile, we will optimize it, with personalized advice, to enhance your presence in what is already the largest digital network of contacts that exists.


Discover the different sources of income that an online business can use, learn how to calculate the profitability of an advertising campaign, and become familiar with business models through real-world examples and case studies


Learn the basics of public speaking safely and master the techniques to do so in any situation, whether in person, on stage or in a video conference.


Other training proposals:

Lean Startup: Development of business models

This online course, offered by UniMOOC and taught by Steve Blank, helps you discover how to develop business models with the methodology LEAN STARTUP.

Google Get active

Google Get Active is a free online training platform to promote digital skills and help drive your business or career