TecnoCampus Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) document

The TecnoCampus Student Information Point contains a series of 30 frequently asked questions in this document.

Below are some of the questions you will find in this document

Access, registration and file

Are there studies with a specific entrance test, such as the science degree in Physical Activity and Sport (CAFE) or the double degree in Physiotherapy and CAFE?

If you want to access studies that have a personal aptitude test (PAP), you must first complete the pre-registration and then the registration, and make the payment using the different options indicated on the access portal to the university, while providing the documentation to the centre where you have chosen to do them. The dates of these tests, like those of Pau (University entrance tests), are not yet known. You can find more information at www.tecnocampus.cat/grau-en-ciencies-de-lactivitat-fisica-i-de-lesport/proves-daptitud-personal-pap.


How to apply for a place on the TecnoCampus degree courses?

Our university centres are integrated into the general university pre-registration system that is coordinated by theUniversity Admissions Office of the Generalitat. We inform you

What is the cut-off mark?

The cut-off mark is the lowest qualification with which you can gain admission to a specific degree through the place allocation process (university pre-registration). Learn more about how it affects the supply and demand of a study and how it is established.

How do double degrees or simultaneous studies work?

The TecnoCampus offers double degrees and simultaneous studies that allow the student to obtain two degrees in 5 or 6 years, a period of time considerably shorter than doing two degrees separately. Find out the details.

First year registration

The first registration must include all first year subjects. But did you know that students who obtain the approval to study part-time must enroll 50% of the credits of the first year and the next year, the other 50%, and always a maximum of 35 credits each academic year ?

Validations / Recognitions

Is there validation of CFGS credits in undergraduate university degrees?

Yes. To apply for credit validation, you must first consult the current correspondence between CFGS and official studies. Know all the details

Can professional experience be recognized?

Did you know that if you are a student of a degree in business or technology and have professional experience in the same area of ​​study you are pursuing, you can apply for recognition of the professional experience of the subject of external internships?

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Prices and methods of payment

How much are the fees?

Tuition fees are between public and private. The amount of tuition for a first academic year of our degrees is between €5.535 and €6.400, approximately (60 credits), except for some double degrees that enrol with more credits. Find out

What are the payment methods?

The payment of the registration can be made in a single payment, or with a loan from a financial institution at the time of registration, the student will be able to choose the payment option. 

Did you know that TecnoCampus has several financing agreements with zero interest banks to be able to make the payment in 12 months?

If you have a large family title, you have deductions in the tuition fee

Take advantage of the whole series of bonuses in the tuition fee. You also get bonuses for high school honors, disability, and more.

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When should scholarships be applied for?

Each type of scholarship has its own procedure. But did you know that TecnoCampus Scholarships should be the first steps before pre-registration in June?
We explain why.

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I live outside Mataró and I need accommodation, what options do I have?

If you are already studying or want to study at the TecnoCampus, live outside Mataró and need accommodation, you have different options. We inform you in the FAQs document.

How are the TecnoCampus communications by public transport?

A commuter train departs from Barcelona every 7 minutes. You also have the option of the bus, or the Vallès bus, which connects the 2 Vallès with Mataró.

About the TecnoCampus

Are the degrees official?

Did you know that all our degrees are official degrees issued by Pompeu Fabra University, the first university in the state and the fourth in Europe in the U-Multirank, a classification promoted by the European Union?

What is college life like at TecnoCampus?

Being a college student is so much more than just going to class. At TecnoCampus you will find a whole series of activities that complement teaching, allow you to make friends, explore new interests. In short, experiencing university life. Find out more

Student Information Point (PIE)

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Telephone number of the University Admissions Office

The TecnoCampus is the territorial headquarters of the University Admissions Office. You can receive telephone support from 9:30 a.m. to 13:30 p.m. Monday to Friday non-holidays. The phone is: 93 702 32 02.


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