El university master's degree (official title) is a degree awarded by the Pompeu Fabra University and recognized by the State that can be recognized abroad, giving access to the realization of a Doctorate.

The home-grown master's is a degree awarded by the Pompeu Fabra University, the entity that assesses ​​and approves them. The credits of a permanent master's degree (home-grown) are not valid abroad nor do they give access to the realization of a Doctorate.

In both cases the title is awarded by Pompeu Fabra University, the top University in Spain and the 1th in Europe in the U-Multirank, you can check all the positions at UPF rankings. 

  • Official Master of Pompeu Fabra University
  • Master of Permanent Education (own title) from Pompeu Fabra University

In the admission process of university masters' (official titles), there is a calendar of admission rounds, with deadlines for submission of applications, admission and payment of the reservation. You can view the admission rounds at following link.

With university masters' (official titles), if this payment is not made within your round, the place reservation can be made in the following rounds, giving priority to the students admitted in the corresponding round.

With university masters', once your request is received you will enter the assessment process. The result of the admissions decision will be communicated via email. Once admitted, the student can register for the master's degree at any time, prior to the delivery of the documentation and its verification by post or in person.

With home-grown master's and postgraduate degrees, once your application has been received after one week/ten days, you will receive a letter by email informing you of your acceptance to the course.

To guarantee the place, it is essential that the student completes the payment of the seat reservation.

Once admitted to the program, places are covered according to the payment date of the place reservation. The amount of the reservation will be deducted from the total registration.

With home-grown master's and postgraduate degrees, the student will not be entitled to a refund of the amount of the reservation in case of not formalizing the registration. Money will only be returned in the case of cancellation or postponement of the course.

In the case of university masters' , once the place has been reserved, if the student renounces it, the amount of the place reservation will not be returned and therefore the student will lose the amount given except in the following circumstances:

  • Visa refusal: the place reservation will be reimbursed, except for €200 for the management of administrative expenses. The presentation of supporting documentation is required.
  • Cancellation of the master's degree.  

The next step is the formalization of the registration:

With official masters' it is done in person (presenting originals and photocopies of the original documents) or remotely, by sending the documentation by post (certified photocopies of all official documents). 

In the case of home-grown master's and postgraduate degrees the student will receive an email in the period established in each course to formalize the registration, proceed with the payment and/or request financing.

For inquiries about specific aspects of the formalization of registration you can contact

Forms of payment

Master's Degrees (official)

The university offers to make the payment, by credit, transfer or credit card of the tuition fee as follows:

a) Single payment method, during the 15 days following the date of formalization of the registration.

b) Installment payment method:

  • 1/3 of the registration fee at the time of formalization (maximum 15 days registration date)
  • 1/3 of the tuition fee until September 30
  • 1/3 of the tuition fee until December 30th

Home-grown Master's degrees and Postgraduate diplomas

The university offers to make the payment, by credit, transfer or credit card of the tuition fee as follows: 

a) Single payment method, during the 3 days following the date of formalization of the registration.

b) Through financing. 

You have the option of financing up to 24 months through credit Sabadell Consumer Studies account.

Loan with TIN 0% for 12 months TAE 8,52%*, 18 months TAE 8,89%*or 24 months TAE 8,50%*

  • Opening costs financed.
  • With minimal documentation.
  • Maximum agility: immediate approval online or response within 24 hours.
  • You choose the direct debit account. You don't have to be careful with us.

Example Single registration fee of €1.000 for 12, 18 and 24 months:

  • Financing for 12 months: 11 monthly payments of €87,08; 1 last installment of €87,12; Total amount owed: €1.045
  • Financing for 18 months: 17 monthly payments of €59,39; 1 last installment of €59,37; Total amount owed: €1.069
  • Financing for 24 months: 23 monthly payments of €45,31; 1 last installment of €45,37; Total amount owed: €1.087,50


  • DNI of the applicant.
  • Proof of bank account
  • Proof of income   
  • Note: Foreign students must prove income in Spain or present a guarantee.



  • Official master's degree students can apply for one of the 6 Impulsa TecnoCampus Scholarships for a value of € 2.000 each.
  • To take an official master's degree you can apply for the General Scholarship from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport (MECD), which involves the exemption from payment of credits enrolled for the first time and, where applicable, grants of various types and amounts depending on income and residence.
  • To take an official master's degree, foreign students can check if scholarships for official studies are offered in the country of origin.
  • Students of a master's or postgraduate degree organized by the TecnoCampus School of Health Sciences can apply for a scholarship of Fecunmed.
  • The TecnoCampus offers specific grants awarded by companies or institutions for enrollment in some master's and postgraduate degrees or for a specific field. 

You can find in the following link.

International students

The tuition fee is the same for European students and for students from non-European countries.

The admission process for foreigners is the same as for national students. Yes, you will have to take into account some aspects related to academic documents, visa, etc.

If your degree and your academic certificate are not issued by a member state of the European Union (or Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland), you will need to complete all legalization procedures for both documents (Hague Apostille). You must do this process in the country where the title was issued and before you leave the country, as it is not possible to do this procedure in Barcelona. You can expand information on the following link.

You need the legalized documents to be able to formalize your registration; you do not need them to apply for a place on a master's or postgraduate course.

It is very important that you bear in mind that university degrees and academic certificates that are not written in Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese or English must be translated into Catalan or Spanish by an official translator.

With the letter of admission you can complete the procedures for your visa. You do not need to have your title legalized (Hague postil) to submit your application. You have time to submit it until registration.

We recommend that, in order to facilitate the entire process of admission, obtaining a visa and other practical aspects related to your arrival and stay, you apply for admission as soon as possible.

Yes, students who have a visa to study in Spain can work for the duration of their studies and a maximum of 30 hours a week. For more information go to: link of the corresponding section.

You will have to present all the scanned documents you have submitted to formalize the registration, which can be done in person or by post (sending certified photocopies of the official documents).

We have a companion program for foreign students that you can participate in, called the Buddy Program. Once you have reserved your place, if you are interested we will put you in touch with the person responsible.

The banking system meets all international standards and has a large network of branches and ATMs. The use of credit cards is widespread and can be used in most shops, restaurants, etc.

To open a bank account you need the NIE (Foreigner's Identity Number). We also recommend that before you leave your country, you check with your bank about the fees for using your card abroad, as well as the conditions for transferring money.

In relation to accommodation, the university centre is located in Mataró, about 30 km from Barcelona, ​​well connected by train or bus. We don't have student accommodation, but it is possible to find a flat to share or a small flat here.

There are students who decide to stay in Barcelona, ​​as the University Centre is about 40 minutes from Barcelona by public transport. To the next link you can see the accommodation options.

On the next page you can find all the information related to the city of Mataró and its advantages, do here.

To help you calculate a budget for your stay in Barcelona/Mataró, we provide you with a table with the approximate monthly expenses as they can vary depending on the neighborhood you choose to live in, the accommodation and your lifestyle:

Concept Shared floor room Residence room
Accommodation 350-500 € 500-800 €
Food 200€ 200€
Transport 50€ 50€
other 200€ 200€
TOTAL 800-950 € 950-1.250 €






Consult more information about the cost of living in Mataró here.

You can consult the next page where you will find all the information related to how to get to TecnoCampus.

Value added services

The TecnoCampus offers various services to students such as the Talent Exchange, Job Coaching, UP skills Webinars in addition to an entrepreneurial Hub and a large university community. You can consult all these services here.

Students have access to the Talent Exchange to search for internships that can sometimes be paid. Job offers are also published. There are many students who find companies with which they can do internships and through an educational collaboration agreement established between the university and the company, they can do internships. As a guideline, I would like to inform you that the recommendation by TecnoCampus is that the remuneration is a minimum of €5/hour.

Once enrolled in the course (official Master's, own and postgraduate diplomas), you can register in the Talent Exchange, and you can do internships during the period in which the course is carried out.

Sometimes there is the possibility of doing internships next to the Campus, since TecnoCampus is located in a business park with nearly 120 companies installed.

From the Entrepreneurial Hub of the TecnoCampus we advise you to make your business project a reality, access the following link and find all relevant information.

Once you have completed your studies (official and private Masters and postgraduate diplomas) you can be part of the Alumni program for free, from which you can continue to use the Talent Exchange, attend webinars, consult with our job coach and enjoy of a wide range of advantages. It will also allow you to maintain personal and professional ties with all our graduates.