5 reasons to join our program

  • 1
    The most powerful network of experts on the Spanish market.

    The TecnoCampus professional team are in contact with the business ecosystem of Barcelona, quickly detecting the key features that will accelerate your business.

  • 2
    TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme is an inspiring place to build your sales in Spain.

    Our facilities are unbeatable and our location in the seafront of the Mediterranean is a privilege, perfectly merging personal life with business goals.

  • 3
    Spanish market Keys: connect with the Key people, the Key companies and the Key institutions you need to know to succeed in Spain.

    Connect with the Key people, the Key companies, the Key investors and the Key institutions you need to know to succeed in Spain. Our 4 Keys programme focuses on quickly achieving your market goal in an international context.

  • 4
    Tailor-made programme: every company is different and needs a different approach.

    Every company is different, and needs a different approach. In our incoming programme, TecnoCampus designs a personal action plan for your company focusing on your sector, seeking the best mentor or expert in the sector and matching your team with key partners or opportunities in Barcelona.

  • 5
    Community: to expand internationally the TecnoCampus network will be the most useful tool you can have.

    TecnoCampus is constantly contacting and connecting with the most important parks around the world in order to build the most important network of businesses that allows companies to connect efficiently to international markets. TecnoCampus is drawing up a soft-landing agreement with multiple technology parks to make outgoing and incoming programmes easier for start-ups and companies.