The governance model is based on the Foundation and its Board of Governors, which is the highest governance body. On this basis, the structure is enriched by the Park’s employees, who manage an asset covering 50,000m2, where around 100 companies are based, including 30 business initiatives placed in the Incubator.

For its part, the campus is made up of the shared system of services, providing the required cross-institutional access to resources and facilities for the entire university community. The Academy, encompassing all of the university Centers, has an academic governance model in place for each field of knowledge.

This model is headed by the Chairman of the Foundation, who chairs the Board of Governors and holds the highest authority within the scope of the Foundation. In addition, there is a Vice-Chairman and a General Director of the Foundation, which is an executive position responsible for the management and direction of the Park and the Tecnocampus University Centers.