Aptitude tests to be able to access the studies of Sciences of the Physical Activity and of the Sport

To access the degree in Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport, you must pass Personal Aptitude Tests (PAP). Consequently, you will also need to pass them to access the Physiotherapy and CAFE Double Degree.

The allocation of places in this center will be only by note of admission of students.


Steps to follow

Regulations and call

To access the degree in CAFE, at the centers affiliated to the Catalan public universities (INEFC-UB, INEFC-UdL, TecnoCampus de Mataró-UPF) and the University of Vic-UCC, which offer this education, an aptitude test will be taken unique personal (PAP). Applicants who pass the test may request access to any of the centers that offer the degree in CAFE. 

All the important information can be consulted in the following link:

PAP CAFE tests: Versió en català 


The registration will be formalized from 6 to 12 June 2023:

  • First, the student must do it online on the university access portal: https://accesuniversitat.gencat.cat
  • Afterwards, the student must register for the test within the same dates, providing all the requested documentation directly to the center where they want to take the tests.


The last day to present the documentation where the student has registered is June 13, 2023.

Opening hours

Test date at the Tecnocampus:  22 June, 2023

Place and time of presentation of the documentation: Student Information Point, from 9 a.m. to 19 p.m

Mandatory and interactive documentation of the test

  • Request instance (Annex 1 of the PAP CAFE document).
  • Official medical certificate where it will be specified verbatim: “The aspirant is in a position to perform physical tests of maximum effort". Any other consideration or legend, will make the medical certificate No. be considered valid. The official medical certificate is valid for one month.

Do you still not have an official medical certificate to be able to apply for the PAPs?

The company PeradeJordi (located in Mataró, next to the TecnoCampus), offers a discount to anyone who applies for the test to obtain the medical certificate and says that it comes from the TecnoCampus. More information.

  • Photocopy of current DNI or NIE (for foreign applicants: photocopy of passport).
  • Photocopy of the Social Security card or health insurance company that guarantees basic health coverage.
  • PAP payment slip, which is generated by the university access portal once the corresponding payment has been made.
  • Certificate of disability (in case of applicants with some type of disability).

PAP tests interactive