SSIT is an independent research group with university professors from diverse educational and social backgrounds. SSIT promotes and carries out research projects in the field of Audiovisual Communication and Advertising. Specifically, SSIT develops a multidisciplinary research on sound, music and silence in relation to image and technology, considering the latter as elements of acoustic enunciation or as factors and means of conditioning and transmission of the same. SSIT places special emphasis on music and audiovisual research and, methodologically, is committed to the application of an interdisciplinary approach to the possible different musical dimensions.

The SSIT research group works for the conceptual definition of music and other categories of the sound field, such as silence. One of the axes of work is the study and analysis of the link of these and other acoustic codes with the visual codes within the process of creation, enunciation, reception and interpretation of an audiovisual product or composed of sound and image (static). This perspective is also addressed by introducing the variable of technological intervention at some stage of this process.

Another important area of ​​work is mass communication and its institutional organizational aspect, as well as the audiovisual industry and marketing, both proposals with a direct focus on music and sound and technological innovation. In this sense, SSIT works with any media platform (Cinema, Television, Video Games, Internet) but with special attention to New Media and New Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

SSIT uses theoretical communicological, philosophical, psychoacoustic, linguistic, sociological, psychological, and art theory perspectives, as well as economic and audiovisual industry assessments for the planning and conduct of its research. For the debate and application of this multidisciplinary range, SSIT has doctors, doctoral students, professionals and researchers specialized in the different areas of research proposed by the group.


Areas of research

Line 1. Contemporary acoustic listening and reception. With the sublines of Sound Landscapes, Sound and Audiovisual Technology and Sound and Video Games.

Line 2. Narrative analysis of music, sound and silence in the audiovisual. With the sublines of Audiovisual silence, The soundtrack in the description of the hero, Analysis of the climate or sound style of an era.

Group members

Daniel Torras and Segura




Jordi Roquer González




Robert Bartí Domingo

Rafael Suárez Gómez

Lídia López Gómez

Fernando David Maldonado Parrales

Santos Martínez Labor

Mauricio Rey Garegnani

Silvia Segura Garcia

Angel Valverde Vilabella

Marta García Quiñones

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