World Food Day 2016

October 16 is World Food Day, promoted by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO). Its goal is to free humanity from hunger and malnutrition and to effectively manage the world food system. All its events promote global awareness and initiatives in favor of the victims of hunger and recall the need to ensure food security and nutritious diets for all.

How do we celebrate it at the TecnoCampus?

At Tecnocampus we celebrated by organizing different activities: healthy eating surveys, delivery of healthy apples, recommendations, tips and myths about a varied and balanced diet, the "sugar experiment" in which we offered recommendations on the amount of sugar to soft drinks. He also participated by offering the talk "Prescription of Physical Activity when there are health problems" in the Health and Nutrition Conference held in Mataró.

World Food Day

World Health Day 2016

World Health Day has been celebrated since 1950 every April 7, the day commemorating the creation of the WHO (World Health Organization) in 1948.

The aim is to draw people’s attention to an issue of great global importance on health. Each year a specific health topic is chosen in order to highlight a priority area of ​​the WHO. This year 2016, the theme chosen was Diabetes.

World Physical Activity Day 2016

Once again, on April 6, 2016, World Physical Activity Day will be celebrated around the world. From  Physical Activity, Sport and Health Plan (PAFES), the celebration of this day in Catalonia is promoted, supporting the carrying out of activities to promote physical activity between 6 and 30 April, spreading the message: “Accumulate 30 minutes of physical activity every day ”.

World Physical Activity Day began to be celebrated on April 6, 2002 in Sâo Paulo (Brazil), promoted by Agita Mundo (world network for the promotion of physical activity).

This year's slogan is "Active child = Healthy adult" and the challenge for 2016 is to achieve a total duration of active events that is equivalent to all Catalans doing 30 minutes of physical activity around the DMAF.

How do we celebrate it at the Tecnocampus?

At the Tecnocampus we celebrated by organizing an active morning with a spinning class, a zumba class, 3x3 basketball, castellers and a healthy gymkhana.

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