The TecnoCampus incubator

The incubator is the best space to set up your business and make it grow.

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What do we offer you?

We offer you modern and technologically equipped facilities, in a dynamic business environment, where you can grow your business. The Incubator has 21 offices, two meeting rooms, a vending space and a rest area.

Aimed at entrepreneurs who want to make their project a reality

If you have a newly created company or startup, or are looking for a professional space to start your project, and it provides an innovative or intensive solution in the use of technology, come to the Incubator.

What do you need to settle in?

Your company should be in its first year of life, or pending incorporation and you should present your business plan to us. If you don't have one yet, contact us and we'll work it out together.

Ecosystem offered by the Incubator

This is located in the TecnoCampus technology park. An ecosystem where to form, create, innovate and connect, made up of three university schools attached to UPF, the Eurecat technology centre, a business centre and a congress and meeting centre.

Do you want to develop your business idea?

Do you want to develop your business idea in our incubator?

TecnoCampus Incubator Services

The incubated companies enjoy basic infrastructure services, such as Reception service, first-class technological services, security services, cleaning, meeting rooms, common spaces, and so on.

As a company in the business park, you will have access to the TCM Business Acceleration Solutions platform.

The Accelerator @ Business Program is a set of services aimed at strengthening and accelerating the growth process of new innovative and technological companies located in the business incubator of the TCM park, based on 5 areas:


Catalogs of the services of the TecnoCampus Incubator

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Companies installed in the Incubator

Aims Medical

Artificial intelligence software for the diagnosis of patients with dysphagia



Comprehensive management platform to turn your property into a tourist or seasonal home.

Pàgina web


Design and production of products using organic waste.


Datali Group

Specialized services for marketplace and ecommerce from a software that allows the optimization of the financial and fiscal processes of the companies that sell in online environments.

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Hardware and APP to connect to Wifi networks without the need for a password and access to digital tools 

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Design, manufacture and sale of a protection system that reduces the likelihood of suffering a neck or spinal cord injury in the event of an accident

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Security alarm company, easy to install, flexible, economical and without permanence.  

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Infinite Athletic

Treatment and manufacture of technical materials for the application of sports tools and sports textiles. Technical and circular textile for sports.



Platform that helps young people discover what motivates them to be able to choose better what they want to study 

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Retail sale of sportswear for Eco-Runners, committed to the environment. Production of with recycled materials with technical use singular design.

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RNA test to find out which genes are active to be able to personalize your eating and living habits

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Core Sys Health

Monitor and software design to detect and monitor sepsis in surgery, ICU or emergency patients. 

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Production of compounds with larvae to regenerate agricultural soils. Research in the reproduction of larvae and the bioconversion of agri-food and organic waste for application to the agricultural sector. 

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wave house

Intermediation, advice and unification of the Fintech, Proptech and Legaltech sectors. It focuses on creating a digital hub where users can have all information, accounts, contracts and documentation centralized.


Management tool for psychologists and centers that helps you optimize your time and focus on what really matters: your patients.

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