The first textile / fashion incubator in Catalonia with international projection is born.  

The new incubator provides accommodation and equipment spaces such as the photo set, showroom space, prototyping fablab and meeting rooms. 

Hosted start-ups have business and technology advice, as well as a whole host of resources to grow. 


Advantages of the Reimagine Textile Incubator and its acceleration program

  •  Coworking space equipped for textile and fashion companies 
  •  FabLab experimentation and prototyping with technical assistance 
  •  Sample workshop 
  •  Fully equipped shooting area 
  •  Showroom and meeting rooms 
  •  Mentoring 
  •  Knowledge and technology transfer 
  •  Link with the local textile industry 
  •  Access to financing 
  •  Incorporation into the innovative textile ecosystem 
  •  TecnoCampus Business Park Community 
  •  Location on the seafront 
  •  International projection 

Aimed at start-ups in the textile sector that are committed to the use of smart, functional and sustainable fabrics, wearables, innovative materials, circular economy, digitalisation of processes, 3D printing and other innovative solutions.   


Textile Reimagine Program: 

REIMAGINE TEXTILE is the strategic commitment to the textile sector made by Mataró City Council, in the hands of the TecnoCampus and the EURECAT technology center. Our goal is to reinvent the textile industry pivoting on innovation, technology and sustainability. 

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