Third language accreditation


According to Decree Law 22/2021, of 5 October, it is no longer compulsory for students who started undergraduate studies in the 2018-19 academic year and later, the accreditation of a B2 level of the Common European Framework of Reference of English, German, French or Italian as a requirement for graduation.

Although accreditation is no longer mandatory, we believe that the foreign language training of our undergraduate students is essential. For this reason, it is wants to continue to promote this training, through the open language classroom, offering accreditation exams and foreign language courses, as before.

Students who also present a certificate accrediting a minimum level of B2 in accordance with the CEFR in English, German, French or Italian will remain constant in their academic record.

How can I prove knowledge equivalent to a B2 or higher in a third language?

You will be able to accredit your knowledge of a third language by providing one of the certificates or diplomas according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages ​​(CEFR) and which you can find published in the following link at DOGC.

How can I obtain a certificate to accredit level B2 or higher in the Tecnocampus?

The Tecnocampus organizes courses through its open classroom and an annual PCCL test:

  • Open language classroom:

Tecnocampus organizes language courses aimed primarily at undergraduate students. These courses, which have the endorsement of Pompeu Fabra University, are open to all students who wish to learn languages ​​in the university setting, and serve to accredit the knowledge of a foreign language. All courses are taught by a teaching staff under the direction of the UPF language service. See the information below link.

  • PCCL test:

The International Relations Department organizes the English Language Proficiency Certification Test (PCCL) annually at Tecnocampus, designed and administered by our UPF language program to be able to accredit your level of English in case you need it alone. Request mobility. See the registration and test dates below link.

Are there grants for accreditation and training?

Find out about the language study grants provided by the Generalitat in the following link

Application for accreditation of a third language for students

Who can request it?

Students of the TecnoCampus degrees

Application procedure

Online: e-secretary (Accreditation of the third language)

Mandatory documentation

Certificate accrediting the language level

Deadline to apply At any time during the course
Answer you will get Notification through the e-Secretariat
Who's in charge Academic Management Service

Regulations and reference documentation

You have all the regulations on this same page