Enrollment extension



Expand the number of compulsory, basic and / or optional subjects that initially appear in the registration with other subjects contemplated in the degree curriculum which is being studied and in accordance with the regime of permanence and progression.

Who can request it?

Students from 2nd year of any degree of the TecnoCampus.

Application procedure

Online: e-secretary (Enrollment extension)

VERY IMPORTANT: It is necessary to indicate code and name of the subject in the application.

Deadline to apply

The electives have their specific calendar, consult the one of your center. The application period for the other subjects for the 2022-23 academic year is:

For the 1st quarter: 03/10/2022

For the 2nd term: last day of class of the 1st term (02/12/2022)

For the 3rd term: last day of class in the 2nd term (17/03/2023)

See the personalised Calendar from your center.


Extension fee collected in the academic fees of the TecnoCampus, plus the cost of the subject. For more information, see the section "Prices and financing".

Answer you will get

Notification through the e-Secretariat

Response time

One week maximum from the date of change of status in the application process.

In enrollment periods this period may be affected.

Who's in charge

Academic Management Service.

Regulations and reference documentation 

Regulations relating to the regime of permanence and progression.