Change of group of subjects for students of the Department of Business


Change group in one or more subjects, according to the established schedules of each degree.

Who can request it?

2nd, 3rd and 4th year students of any degree in the Department of Business.

Application procedure

Online: e-secretary (Change of subject group. Students of the Department of Business)

VERY IMPORTANT: The application must indicate the code and name of the subject, the group whose enrollment is being made and the group for which the change is to be made. (Code, subject name, source group and destination group)


Justification of the change (if it is overlapping schedules, we will need a copy of the schedules; if it is by internship agreement: copy of the agreement, etc.)

Deadline to apply

Consultation here the calendar of academic procedures


It comes at no cost.

Answer you will get

Notification through the e-Secretariat.

Response time

One week maximum from the date of change of status in the application process.

In enrollment periods this period may be affected.

Who's in charge

Academic Management Service