Group changes and Modification and selection of practice groups for students of Technology Degrees and Cultural Industries Degrees



Changes to theory groups (morning/afternoon) and modification and selection of practice groups (non-enrollable groups).

  • Requests for group changes for justified reasons. Documentation must be provided.
  • Selection and modification of practice groups by self-service.

The center reserves the right to make changes in the composition of groups. In this case, the affected student will be informed via email.

Who can request it?

Students enrolled in Technology and Cultural Industries Degrees.

Application procedure and deadline


Once auto-enrollment is complete, according to availability and within the auto-enrollment deadline.
The selection of groups must be made fromfile of the student in the "registration for non-enrollable groups" section.

Deadline: Automatic registration period until September 18 

At the beginning of each term, a period will be opened to be able to modify and/or select the available practice groups.
The selection of groups must be made fromfile of the student in the "registration for non-enrollable groups" section.


  • 1st quarter: September 19 and 20 
  • 2nd term: from November 27 to December 1 
  • 3rd term: from 4 to 8 March 

The request must be made through the specific instance for group change from thefile of the student in the section eSecretariat. The request must be accompanied by the supporting documentation of the situation presented.


1st term: until September 15 
2nd term: until October 31 
3rd quarter: until February 13 


It comes at no cost

Answer you will get

The resolution of modifications and requests made by self-service is immediate and resolved favorably as long as there are places available.
For requests for changes due to force majeure, a notification will be received through eSecretaria at the instance of the request made.

Response time

For force majeure requests, a response will be given five working days from the date the request is processed.

Who's in charge


Regulations and reference documentation

Academic Regulations for Undergraduate courses