Compulses and presentation of documentation

Presentation and certification of documents at TecnoCampus

TecnoCampus does not certify any document of which the certified copy does not remain as an attached document to be delivered within its own procedure, not even a copy of the documents issued by the TecnoCampus is certified.

With own procedures that allow the contribution of certified copies of original documents, the interested party will provide the original document and a copy of it. The Registry or Service to which the writ or application to which the certified copy must be submitted is submitted will verify the identity of the copy with the original, return the original to the interested party and send the certified copy together with the application to the recipient body.

If the interested party provides an already certified and notarized copy before a notary, the simultaneous presentation of the original will not be necessary, and this copy will have the same value as the original in the procedure.

Sealing of the documentation issued by TecnoCampus

In the event that a private entity or foreign university requests, mainly for the purpose of presenting scholarships or job offers, that the documentation be stamped by the university that issued it, it is not a certified copy but for the university to put a stamp on the documentation.

In this case, please contact the Student Information Point, and the Academic Management Service, once the requested documentation has been accredited, will stamp the document. This stamp will specify that it is only valid for these purposes.