You can apply for a place in a university master's degree:

  • With an official university degree.
  • With a bachelor's degree, engineering or architecture.
  • With a diploma, technical engineering or technical architecture.
  • With a foreign university degree:

* From the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that allows access to university master's degree courses in your country of issue. 

* Outside the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), in this case, they can access as long as they obtain the homologation, prior to a degree that has access or, without homologation, with the verification that these studies accredit a level of education equivalent to state bachelor's degrees and entitling the country that issued the degree to access postgraduate studies.

Acceptance in a university master's degree does not imply, in any case, the homologation of the previous degree, nor its recognition for purposes other than that of pursuing master's degree courses. It is not necessary to homologate the title.


The following evaluation criteria will be applied in the selection procedure for the specific candidates for the Master's Degree in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (maximum 5 points):

  • Adaptation of the candidate's profile to the objectives and contents of the program (up to 2 points). The assessment of the suitability of the candidate's profile will be made on the basis of a written presentation of a maximum length of two pages in which the candidate will set out their suitability for the Master's profile and their professional objectives.
  • Academic record (will be assessed in accordance with the regulations for the assessment of academic files of the UPF) (up to 1.5 points).
  • Professional experience, especially if this experience had been obtained as an entrepreneur in the creation of a company or business (up to 1 point).
  • The content of two cover letters (0,5 points). A letter from a university professor and another more professional letter will be especially valued.

In the selection procedure of the specific candidates of the Master's Degree in Logistics, Supply Chain and Maritime Business (maximum 5 points) the following evaluation criteria will be applied:

  • Academic record (will be assessed in accordance with UPF's academic transcript assessment regulations) (up to 2,5 points).
  • General adequacy of the candidate's profile to the objectives and contents of the program (up to 1,5 points). The assessment of the general adequacy of the candidate's profile will be made on the basis of a written presentation and motivation of a maximum length of two pages in which the candidate will set out their suitability for the master's degree profile and their professional objectives.
  • Experience of at least three years in the logistics or maritime business sectors (up to 1 point). Optional requirement.

The Master's Management Committee, as the body in charge of admitting candidates to the Master's, will consider the following specific criteria:

- Adaptation to the income profile assessed from:

  • Previous qualifications more closely related to the Master's program: 20%
  • Curriculum vitae of the candidate: 20%
  • Interests and profile of the candidate: letter of interest and letters of recommendation: 10%
  • Academic record: the average grade of the previous qualification for which you access the Master's will be considered, as well as the average grade obtained in the modules most closely related to the Master's: 30%
  • Professional experience, especially in relation to companies and entities belonging to the Social Economy: 10%
  • Personal interview with the candidate: 10% The committee may conduct interviews with the candidates to establish priority in the list of admitted candidates.

In the selection procedure of the candidates specific to the university master's degree in Personal Training and Physical Sports Rehabilitation (maximum 10 points) the following evaluation criteria will be applied:

  • Official academic certificate of notes of the studies realized of the university of origin(maximum 2,5 points).
  • Resume, whose professional, academic and research experience in the field of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences will be valued (maximum 2 points).
  • Motivational letter in which the interest to study the master's degree is exposed (maximum 1,5 points).
  • Two letters of recommendation academic or professional (maximum 1,5 points).
  • B2 level accreditation of English (maximum 1 point). Optional requirement.
  • Personal interview which will clarify or outline aspects of the curriculum and discriminate against students with similar records (maximum 1,5 points).

In the selection procedure of the specific candidates of the Master's Degree in Integrated Care in Chronicity and Aging (max. 10 points) the following evaluation criteria will be applied:

  • Covering letter: The maximum score will correspond to a candidate with a clear personal and professional interest in research applied to chronic diseases and with his / her desire to carry out a doctoral thesis in this field of health (max. 1,5 points) .
  • Academic certificate: of the official training accredited with the average mark of the university of origin (max. 1 point).
  • Curriculum Vitae: The candidate's professional career and professional experience in the field of aging and chronic diseases will be assessed (max. 1 point).
  • Personal interview: The interview will make it possible to clarify or outline aspects of the curriculum and discriminate between students with similar records (max. 1 point)
  • B2 level English accreditation (optional) (max. 0,5 points)


El income profile in this master's degree it is for Graduates in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences.


Pre-registration for the master's must be formalized in University Access Portal, within the period established for the corresponding call, attaching the documentation necessary You can consult the calendar here link. 


To formalize the pre-registration for the Master's in Teacher Training, Physical Education specialty, you must have a university degree matching the specialty. You can consult the specialties in this one link. 


The allocation of places is made public in University Access Portal according to the established schedule. You must access the user profile to know the result of the application, without waiting to receive any notification or notice of the allocation of places. 


The allocation of places is carried out based on the average mark of the academic file of the degree, degree or diploma. Qualifications obtained at masters or doctorates are not valued. Places are awarded by grade. It starts with the student with the highest grade and the rest of the places are allocated according to the descending order of the qualifications, until they are all filled. 


For more information, you can contact the Mataró headquarters of the Office of Access to the University (Tel. 93 702 32 02). 


To apply for admission, review the following steps:

  • Check that you have all the necessary documents before accessing the online application (maximum 4 MB)

    The documentation required to pre-register is as follows:

    - Photocopy of title or receipt: If you do not yet have the degree because you are finishing your degree, you must indicate this to us in the Status of previous studies section, indicating the Pending completion option. In this case you can upload the last academic file.

    - Official academic certificate of grades from the university of origin.

    - Curriculum vitae: Maximum 2 pages in Word, PDF or similar format. A4 or Letter Format.

    - Letter of expectations, in which the interest in pursuing the master's degree is expressed.

    - 2 letters of introduction/recommendation: a letter from a university or academic professor and another letter from a professional (with the exception of the Master's in Integrated Care in Chronicity and Aging)*

    - Photocopy of the DNI or Passport (in force).

    - In the master's degrees in the business area, acreditació de coneixement d'espanyol o català: Nivell B1 del MCER o Intermediate level diploma or equivalent (Residents of Spain and those from states in which one of the languages ​​has official status will be exempted from this requirement).

    *Up all the cards together.

    All this documentation must be attached at the time of making the online admission application. However, the original documentation must be presented to formalize the registration (by email or in person).

    If you are an international student, please review the following information.

  • Register in the application

    Are you a new student? If you have not been a student at the Tecnocampus or have never accessed the application, first do the REGISTER to be able to obtain the university identification number (NIA) and password and then be able to access the pre-registration application.

    Already registered? Are you or have you been a student at Tecnocampus?  If you have already registered, start the process directly: PRE-REGISTRATION

    To access the application you need your university identification number (NIA) and password that you obtained after registration. In the event that you do not remember your credentials, you can request that they be provided to you by making a helpdesk: https://helpdesk.tecnocampus.cat 

  • Upload all the requested documentation to the application

  • If you want, you can download the proof of the admission request

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Consult the Admission Rounds

Applications for admission will be assessed following the admission round calendars below. If a request for admission is received once a round has been completed, they will be moved to the next one, as long as there are places available. 

Students will be notified by email on the dates indicated in each round if they have been admitted, if they have been excluded, or if they are on a waiting list. In the latter case the final resolution will be moved to the next round.

*If there are still places available after the last round, a new admission round can be opened. 



Application deadline

Deadline for admission resolution

Place reservation deadline




Until 5/01/2024




Until 24/02/2024




Until 31/03/2024




Until 14/04/2024




Until 12/05/2024




Until 02/06/2024




Until 12/07/2024




Until 25/07/2024




Until 31/07/2024


University Master in Integrated Care for Chronicity and Aging: start January 2024

Pre-registration closed for the current edition. Pre-registration for the next edition (January 2026) will open at the beginning of 2025 


Once your request is received you will enter the selection process. The result of the admissions decision will be communicated via email according to the established schedule.

Once admitted, the student can register for the master's degree at any time, prior to delivery of the documentation and its verification. To guarantee the place, it is essential that the student completes the payment of the seat reservation for an amount of €750 in the case of the University Master's in Integrated Care in Chronicity and Aging and €1.500 for the rest of the master's degrees, within the deadlines for each round of admission.

If this payment is not made within your round, you can make the place reservation in the following rounds, giving priority to students admitted in the corresponding round.

*An extension may be granted in exceptional cases of international students pending grants and credits from previously justified government entities.


If the tuition payment is made before June 30, a discount of 5% on the price of the registration (fees excluded). Consult the section of price, scholarships and financing to see payment methods and registration conditions.

If, once the place has been reserved, the student renounces it, the amount of the place reservation will not be returned and therefore the student will lose the amount given in compensation for the damages caused except of the following circumstances:

  • Visa refusal: the place reservation will be reimbursed, except for €200 for the management of administrative expenses. The presentation of supporting documentation is required.
  • Cancellation of the master's degree. 


To consider if you are an international student:

  • We recommend that, in order to facilitate the entire admission process, obtaining a visa and other practical aspects related to your arrival and stay, pre-register as soon as possible.
  • Remember that all the documentation you have submitted scanned must be submitted the originals once the course has begun.
  • To apply for admission, you do not need to have a legalized degree until the time of self-registration.

We recommend that you review all the information at next page.

Informative guide to obtain a Student Visa

Know all the detailed information about the process, the duration of the permit and your right to work in Spain as a student

You can also find out how access the residence permit once you have completed your high-level university studies.



Submit the original documentation

Your definitive admission to the Master's is subject to the verification of the documentation you have submitted. Therefore, you will have to present the original documentation (or certified photocopies) of the copies you submitted for the admission application. 

Contact Academic Management (sgaformacionpermanent@tecnocampus.cat) to agree the place, date and delivery times of the documentation that must be presented to formalize the registration. It is also possible to send the documentation by post.

Documentation necessary to formalize the registration

1. University degree or proof of issue: original and photocopy (or duly certified photocopy).

2. Official academic certificate of grades from the university of origin: original and photocopy (or duly certified photocopy)

3. DNI, passport or NIE:  original (or duly certified photocopy)

4. Bonuses: if you are the beneficiary of any type of registration bonus, you must present the original and a copy of the supporting document.

5. Official university degree certificate: if the university of origin is from outside Spain, we recommend that you request from your university a certificate that certifies that the study you have completed allows you to complete an official master's degree in your country.

6. Certificate of legalization of the title and academic certificate: if these are not issued by a member state of the European Union (or Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland), you will need to complete all legalization procedures for both documents (Hague Postil).
7. Acreditació de coneixement d'espanyol o català: MCER level B1 o Intermediate level diploma for Masters in the Business Area. (Residents in Spain and those who come from states in which one of the languages ​​has official status will be exempted from this requirement).
8. Printed personal data. 

9. Poll must be filled in to be able to formalize the registration. At the time of filling it in, you will have to upload a passport-sized photograph.

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