Laboratories in the area of ​​Engineering and technology

Tecnocampus has a series of facilities and equipment to promote research and ensure that research staff can count on the support of the institution to carry out its scientific objectives and transfer the results to society through appraisal and knowledge transfer. 


Laboratory 1 – Laboratory of Electronics, Control and industrial IT


It has ten workstations equipped with computer with data acquisition card, 2-channel Siglent digital oscilloscope, Hameg function generator, Hameg multimeter and power supply). It also consists of Rockwell CompactLogic and ControlLogic controllers of the latest generation, equipped with the corresponding input/output modules, suitable to work as controllers of industrial processes and automatic machines. Each workplace also has a PC. 

It also has integrated automation systems with monitoring and control software, industrial communications networks that integrate devices, controllers, PCs and different applications, speed and angle control equipment for DC motors (this control can be performed using a PC) , analog and digital communication trainers and development system for 8-bit microcontrollers. Additionally, it has the following unique model, suitable for final degree projects: inverted pendulum model. 


Laboratories 1a

Laboratories 1 b

Laboratory 2 - Physics Laboratory

This space has ten workstations with generic electronics equipment (2-channel Siglent digital oscilloscope, Hameg function generator, Hameg multimeter and Promax power supply) and seven unique workstations equipped with computer and data acquisition card. Each workplace also has a PC. 

Of the ten workplaces, six of them are state-of-the-art Hera workplaces equipped with protection and an integrated lighting system. Each of these six spaces, in addition to the previously exposed instrumentation, is complemented by the following instrumentation: Wattímetre Metrix PX-120; Metrix MX 355 normal clamp meter; Hameg HZ56 oscilloscope clamp; Optical tachometer Chauvin arnoux CA1727; Pintek CP-25 insulated voltage probe; 100 and 33 ohm Sidac rheostats; coil, tacodynamo; three-phase transformer; dc machine; induction machine and synchronous machine.   

Laboratories 2

Laboratories 6

Laboratory 3 - Thermodynamics and Fluids Laboratory

It has a friction equipment in pipes with Edibon FME00/B hydraulic bench controlled by computer equipped with a pump that allows water to be pumped to various equipment; shell and tube heat exchanger equipment with water heater; didactic equipment of a cooling system; bench for measuring the power of a wind turbine (industrial fan); didactic engine test bench; equipment for the study of hydrostatic pressure; various equipment for the study of thermal properties of materials and for the study of heat transfer for didactic use. 

Laboratories 3

Laboratory 4 - Testing and Mechatronics Laboratory

It is equipped with the following work and rehearsal stations and unique material: 

Flexible manufacturing cell equipped with a Transept conveyor belt and a Compactlogix programmable automaton from the Rockwell firm consisting of two robots, different sensors, pneumatic actuators and electric motors. One of the robots is an IRB120 industrial robot from ABB, and a LR Mate 200iD/4S model from Fanuc. Simulators that allow students and designers to develop projects, do tuning with the simulator and finally verify the real operation on the Robotstudio flexible manufacturing line. Finally, it also has a collaborative robot OnRobot from the ARTEC company with a built-in artificial vision camera. 

It also has an Alecop supernova CNC milling machine for the implementation of single and double-sided printed circuit boards; universal professional traction and compression test machine from the firm MTS model Insigth with a capacity of 50kN; universal test machine for didactic use from the firm Terco with a capacity of 5kN that allows tensile, compression and hardness tests to be carried out; beam and cantilever deflection test bench from TecQuipment (TQ), model STR4; Izod and Charpy impact test equipment for didactic use on plastics, from the Edibon firm; digital metallographic microscope from the firm Óptica equipped with a set of objectives; durometers to perform measurements according to Rockwell A, B, C, D and E work scales and Shore A; P Selecta muffle furnace; CNC milling machine equipped with an industrial controller FAGOR 8035 M (Alecop). Thermoformer Formech 300XQ. 


Laboratories 4

Laboratory 5 - Mechanical design laboratory

Free access laboratory equipped with computers to perform simulation functions (Solid Works and Matlab packages) related to the subject of graphic engineering. The following list of test and test benches completes the needs at the level of experimentation: universal apparatus for the analysis of both free and forced vibrations from the firm TecQuipment, model TQ-TM16S, which incorporates a machine for the study of undamped and damped oscillations and a model study of deflections of beams and cantilevers; didactic test arc from the firm TecQuipment; tensile test bench: stress-strain study model; study model of the balance of a Rotodyn rotating system (incorporates motor, controller and computer equipped with a National Instruments data acquisition card); reconfigurable equipment for data acquisition (compactRIO) that allow working with thermocouples, strain gauges, accelerometers, microphones, analog and digital inputs and outputs.     


Laboratories 5

Schunk TEC-CENTRE - Laboratory of Robotics and Fixing and Fastening Tools


The result of an agreement between the company Shunk Intec through the TEC-CENTER, a catalog of practical workshops is offered in which the latest generation industrial equipment is used and documentation and training content endorsed by the supplier companies aimed at students of higher training cycles and degree students, both from TecnoCampus and from other higher technical schools. 

It has: 

Gantry Cartesian robot, with Keba controller. 

Collaborative robots Universal Robots. 

Angular robot LWA, with six degrees of freedom 

Two Pick & place units, with two degrees of freedom. 

Torque and stress sensor in the three Cartesian axes 

Wide range of tools and products from the Schunk catalog for fixing and holding elements in CNC machines and robots. It also includes linear actuators of different models. 





Machining space

It has a lathe, milling machine, circular saw, miter saw, TIG welding machines, MIG and MMA electrodes, marquetry saw and various tools for making prototypes.

Computer labs:


Computer Laboratory 1

It is equipped with 16 computers for students and one computer for the teacher. The latter is connected to a projector. A printer can be accessed from all computers.   


Computer Laboratory 2 

Routers, firewalls, sniffers, switches, WAN emulators, antennas, cables, modems, communications radio testers and wireless equipment are available for practice.   

Computer Laboratory 3

Each of these spaces is equipped with 16 computers for students and 1 computer for the teacher. The latter is connected to a projector. A printer can be accessed from all computers. 

Laboratories 3



Computer Laboratory 4

It is equipped with 16 computers with 23-inch screens for students and one computer for the teacher connected to a projector. The computers have, in addition to the generic image editing and post-production programs, the Protools v12 program, with which the practices of the audio and music subjects are carried out. 

The equipment cabinet contains headphone interfaces and MIDI controller keyboards for use during practice. 

Laboratories 2


Computer Laboratory 5

It is equipped with 23 i7 21.5'' retina 4 K iMacs and 4 iMacs 27'' i5. It is a classroom specially designed to support audiovisual editing and post-production programs - Final Cut X, DaVinci Resolve, and ProTools - as well as programs for generating VFX and 3D content - After Effects, Maya. 


Laboratories 5

Unique spaces:


Formula Student 

Formula Student is a competition where university students from around the world compete in the design, development, construction and driving of a single-seater vehicle, combining both engineering and business aspects.   

Originally from the United States, the Formula Student or Formula SAE has been spreading worldwide, creating competitions in countries such as Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Spain, Australia or Italy, among many others. 


TecnoCampus MotorSport

TecnoCampus MotorSport's proposal is the creation from scratch of an electric single-seat vehicle to participate in the Formula Student competition, to be presented in 2023 in the "Class B" category, i.e. only in static tests, and in 2024 in "Class A", where it participates with the single-seater already built and in both static and dynamic tests.

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ThinkIn 3D 

ThinkIn 3D Mataró is the additive manufacturing accelerator of the TecnoCampus. 

The accelerator aims to promote the technological adoption of 3D printing as a vector of competitiveness and innovation for start-ups, micro-SMEs and SMEs through a differential manufacturing and revitalization environment where you can experiment, test and develop new products, solutions and business models.  

With a T-Shape approach, ThinkIn 3D Mataró combines a health vertical with horizontal solutions to respond to other sectors of the industry 

This is a project financed by FEDER funds through the INCYDE Foundation and by the Mataró City Council.  

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The Library is a service of the TecnoCampus in its educational community that has spaces for work and study in silence, as well as a bibliographic collection suitable for the studies that are taught. 

Access is free for students and ex-students, teaching staff and administration and service staff. It is part of the Consortium of University Services of Catalonia. 

In addition, in the library you can reserve spaces and access all kinds of information resources (also from other universities). 

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