It is a free space and program for locating and supporting university entrepreneurship projects from the TecnoCampus. The projects have already had to develop the value proposition and specify the business model, in addition to their time to market being less than a year. 

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Room with Macs 

It is equipped with 23 i7 21.5'' Retina 4 K iMacs and 4 iMacs 27'' i5. It is a classroom specially designed to support audiovisual editing and post-production programs -Final Cut X, DaVinci Resolve, Avid Media Composer and ProTools- as well as programs for generating content in VFX and 3D -Nuke, After Effects-. 


Business lab 

It is a space that enables team work dynamics or a group class in a different environment, thanks to its equipment and layout, which favor creativity. 

It is designed to create an informal and comfortable environment to encourage creativity and the creative development of multidisciplinary teams.  

It is an agora-type space that allows debate, team building, exhibition and team balance dynamics. A space with infinite possibilities.  

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The Library is a service of the TecnoCampus in its educational community that has spaces for work and study in silence, as well as a bibliographic collection suitable for the studies that are taught. 

Access is free for students and ex-students, teaching staff and administration and service staff. It is part of the Consortium of University Services of Catalonia. 

In addition, in the library you can reserve spaces and access all kinds of information resources (also from other universities). 

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Audiovisual material loan service

To support audiovisual teaching practices, a student loan service is available that has: video kits (camera, batteries, microphone, headset and various cables), photo kits (camera, battery, charger and interchangeable lens, tripod, memory card, sunshade and various cables), tripods, steadycam, Microphone kit for battery, audio kits (sound board, DI, headphones, headphone amplifier, various cables), kits recording equipment (recorder, microphone, miscellaneous wiring), hangers, microphone feet, headphones, headphone amplifiers, DI's, screens and microphones.

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