New audio recording and editing studio

The space consists of a recording room with a direct view of the control room, as well as video and audio connection with other spaces of the TecnoCampus, such as the set or the radio studios. With this infrastructure, small and large format recordings are possible, from traditional productions to orchestral recordings. In the technical field, it has a complete range of specialized microphones, Neve, Api and Focusrite preamps among others and the Staten Raven control system, which allows you to work with two large touch screens on all your own editing parameters of a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). 

The studio also incorporates a Dolby Atmos monitoring system, a multi-channel audio system, increasingly used in cinema, video games and music, from which the user can enjoy an immersive experience. 

Above all, one of the key points of this space is the large capacity for being a recording studio, which allows theoretical classes to be held in a small group format and in a context much closer to professional reality compared to a theory classroom  

Recording booth

Versatile space for your audio recording needs. Shared space between recording control and podcast studio. Room equipped with connection to other audiovisual spaces, equipped with a basic infrastructure well prepared to be able to carry out dubbing projects, recording instruments, recording radio programs and podcasts, as well as more specific or complex assemblies. Thanks to the space and versatility of the facilities, very diverse projects can be carried out and, above all, to have an adequate space for the transfer of knowledge and learning. 

Control podcasts 

Radio control equipped with computer, video monitors, AEQ Forum digital soundboard, microphone, CD, multi-effects processor, powerplay, amplifier, audio monitors, headphones and clock synchronized with set. 

This space is connected to the recording booth, equipped with microphones, microphone stands and headphones. There is also a visual communication system through PTZ cameras and direct "talkback" between control and the cabin via headphones and microphones. 


Radio Control/Study 

Specific technical space for audio recording, specifically the radio programs and podcasts of the different subjects of the degree, as well as other recordings such as dubbing or "foley" (room effects).  

The radio control is equipped with computers for radio control and audio recording, video monitors, AEQ Capitol soundboard, technician microphone, FM transmitter, microphone amplifiers and set clock. 

The radio studio is equipped with 5 Sennheiser MD 421-II dynamic microphones, microphone stands, headphones with volume control, "on-air" light, speakers and monitor to be able to view images sent from control. 


TV set

Set of infrastructure equipped with a multi-purpose room of around 100 m2, equipped for teaching and specially designed for coexistence between an installation adapted for TV production, as well as a functional set for projects or subjects of fiction, lighting and photography. 

Equipped with program TV and video wall, background curtains/visible brick walls. This space has panels for the construction of sets, including smooth panels, with a door and with a window, black curtains to separate the space in two and televisions with black backgrounds, gray and chroma, furniture such as sofas and tables, cameras with tripod for television with tally, monitors, wireless lapel microphones, portable intercoms, table for light control, motorized grills with spotlights and cold light screens. There are also "Magnum" smoke and fog machines. 

TV set


TV control

Attached to the set we find the television control room of about 40m. This room is equipped with a complete TriCaster 460 production control system, with the functions of video mixer, video effects generator, virtual set creation and program for the creation of graphics and animations, three CCUs (Control Units Cameras) for image control of the three cameras located on set, intercom system for the cameras and councilor with performance control.  

It also has a table of lights, synchronized clocks between control and set. It also has a small room specially prepared for sound treatment during the programs, with: TriCaster system audio controller, monitors, headphones, Yamaha digital sound table, connection patch and sound control computer. This space is prepared for the introduction to the production of live content with a professional environment adapted to the needs of teaching. 

Television Control

Television Control 2


Two post-production rooms 

Although some rooms have special features, in general they all have a high-performance computer with specialized post-production software, peripherals such as Steinberg UR22 audio interface, audio monitors, screens, speakers and sound board. 

Post-production rooms


Color post-production room 

Isolated and quiet room prepared to carry out post-production and mastering of projects or audiovisual pieces that require slightly more powerful equipment. 

This room has a cart specially prepared with a Mac Studio, Apple Studio Display monitor, and specific peripherals to help with video post-production with Davinci Resolve such as the Blackmagic Speed ​​Editor and Mini Panel controllers. 

For the monitoring of the result, there is a television of more than 50” connected through a Blackmagic Ultrastudio 4k video controller. 

All this equipment is designed to be a mobile infrastructure, where in specific cases it can be taken to a classroom and thus carry out practical sessions with a large group, but with technical equipment specific to any assigned classroom. 


Motion Capture Room (MOCAP) 

The MOCAP, or motion capture system, is based on a set of strategically placed infrared cameras that collect information from markers spread throughout an actor's body. These markers reflect the infrared light coming from the cameras, so that the cameras obtain the position, speed, acceleration and other parameters of each of the markers. The precision obtained is very high, with errors less than a millimeter, thus obtaining very smooth movements with great accuracy. 

Motion Capture Room (MOCAP) 2

Dancing in real time MOCAP


Computer labs:


Computer Laboratory 1

It is equipped with 16 computers for students and one computer for the teacher. The latter is connected to a projector. A printer can be accessed from all computers.   


Computer Laboratory 2 

Routers, firewalls, sniffers, switches, WAN emulators, antennas, cables, modems, communications radio testers and wireless equipment are available for practice.   

Computer Laboratory 3

Each of these spaces is equipped with 16 computers for students and 1 computer for the teacher. The latter is connected to a projector. A printer can be accessed from all computers. 

Laboratories 3



Computer Laboratory 4

It is equipped with 16 computers with 23-inch screens for students and one computer for the teacher connected to a projector. The computers have, in addition to the generic image editing and post-production programs, the Protools v12 program, with which the practices of the audio and music subjects are carried out. 

The equipment cabinet contains headphone interfaces and MIDI controller keyboards for use during practice. 

Laboratories 2


Computer Laboratory 5

It is equipped with 23 i7 21.5'' retina 4 K iMacs and 4 iMacs 27'' i5. It is a classroom specially designed to support audiovisual editing and post-production programs - Final Cut X, DaVinci Resolve, and ProTools - as well as programs for generating VFX and 3D content - After Effects, Maya. 


Laboratories 5

Audiovisual material loan service

To support audiovisual teaching practices, a student loan service is available that has: video kits (camera, batteries, microphone, headset and various cables), photo kits (camera, battery, charger and interchangeable lens, tripod, memory card, sunshade and various cables), tripods, steadycam, Microphone kit for battery, audio kits (sound board, DI, headphones, headphone amplifier, various cables), kits recording equipment (recorder, microphone, miscellaneous wiring), hangers, microphone feet, headphones, headphone amplifiers, DI's, screens and microphones.

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The Library is a service of the TecnoCampus in its educational community that has spaces for work and study in silence, as well as a bibliographic collection suitable for the studies that are taught. 

Access is free for students and ex-students, teaching staff and administration and service staff. It is part of the Consortium of University Services of Catalonia. 

In addition, in the library you can reserve spaces and access all kinds of information resources (also from other universities). 

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