TecnoCampus students have put their entrepreneurial skills to the test in an intensive bootcamp held in Munich (Germany).


Victor Antràs, Santi Aymerich, Martina Díaz-Vélez and Joan Gabarró, were the four students selected to participate in this international program that encourages teamwork, creativity and the passion of the entrepreneurial spirit.

For the second consecutive year, Tecnocampus students have strengthened their entrepreneurial skills in an intensive bootcamp held in Munich (Germany). Tecnocampus' participation arises from the collaboration it maintains with the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship of the University of Applied Sciences in Munich, as both entities are part of the European alliance of universities: Start For future.

From March 27 to 4, 2023, students worked on an entrepreneurial challenge related to the future of food. During the week, the young people participated in different talks and sessions related to this topic, while developing an entrepreneurial project with a multidisciplinary team.


Entrepreneurial challenge worked on: "Future of food"


From February 27 to March 4, 2023.


City of Munich, Germany.

2nd Prize winning project: Fusion Jams


The project that won the second prize was born from a idea developed through market research about food waste at the Viktualienmarkt market in Munich. Victor explains: "we realized that each seller could end up throwing away 8 to 10 kilos of fruit a week that, although perfectly edible, was not visually appealing to the final buyer". From here "Fusion Jams" was born, with a combination of fruits and vegetables to create innovative jams (for example: mojito and strawberry with pumpkin), achieving in this way, reverse virtually all food waste. One of the incentives for sellers was to offer them 30% of product sales as a business model.

The four students assure that the experience was very enriching. Martina Díaz-Vélez, Ade and marketing student, says: "We got to know in detail the process of Design thinking and the development of a business idea with the advice of experts." Santi Aymerich, from the logistics degree, summarizes: "What I take away is so much diversity of nationality and their perspective on the same challenge. I had high expectations about this bootcamp, and without a doubt, they have been exceeded by a long way”.



4 finalists, of the total number of candidates who have presented themselves, they will receive a grant of €500 each for travel and accommodation expenses, in addition to the opportunity to participate in the program at no cost.


In order to benefit from the aid, candidates must have met the following requirements: 

✓ Be enrolled in the 2022-2023 academic year for a degree or master's degree at TecnoCampus.
✓ Accredit a B2 or higher level of English. 
✓ Submit your Curriculum Vitae in English.
✓ Submit a letter of motivation in English.

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