What is the International Business Network?

A meeting point that strives to promote the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences in relation to business internationalization and generate partnerships and synergies between the participants.

Who is it intended for?

The network is open to all companies in the region that export or want to do so and that are keen to discover business opportunities in international markets, find out about success stories of companies on global markets and share their own experiences with speakers and other companies.


Bimonthly presentations and/or conferences with experts on internationalization who share their insight into markets with internationalization potential, success stories of the internationalization of companies from the region, etc.


  • 1
    Markets of Argentina and Chile

    Last November 27th the markets of Argentina and Chile were presented. They are two countries of great importance in Latin America, in this day was talked about the cultural particularities and characteristics of each one of these markets as well as of the business opportunities that offer. More information

  • 2
    Cuba Market

    On September 27th the market of Cuba was presented, which is placed in the eyes of investors and it presents great business opportunities in the tourism and hotel sector. There are also good prospects for the packaging sectors, as well as food and food industry, among others.

  • 3
    Colombian Market

    On May 3 2018, the International Business Network session took place where the Colombian market was presented. A prominent market in South America that presents great opportunities in sectors such as electronics, machinery and equipment, fashion, chemistry and plastics and medical equipment, among others.

  • 4
    German Market

    On March 14th 2018, a session was held on how to successfully export to the German market, in which thirty companies from the business park and the territory participated. Read more

  • 5
    French Market

    On November 30th 2017, a session was held on the French market. This is full of possibilities for Catalan companies; In particular, for those who provide solutions with high technological content or with great added value.

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