How can you participate? Call 2022-23



Advise yourself individually 

If you still have questions about your mobility application you can schedule a personal interview from the 15 to 19 in November (or if you have more friends who are in the same situation you can do a group session) through Zoom or in person with the International Relations Office. 


This year the information sessions on mobility will be in person! The International Mobility Information Session will explain the operation of the call, the different types of mobility programs, when applications are made, the possible destination universities by school, scholarship programs and other aspects related to to be able to carry out an international mobility stay in the next academic year 2022/23.

  • Tuesday, November 2 - Polytechnic School
  • Wednesday, November 3 - School of Social and Business Sciences
  • Thursday, November 4 - School of Health Sciences
  • Monday, November 8: Want to study in the US, Canada or Australia?

Student Talks  

Do you want to talk to a student who has left? Do you want to receive specific information from specific countries, both in the European Union and abroad? Do you want to talk to a university with which TecnoCampus has an exchange agreement?  

You have the opportunity to resolve your doubts with this one online session from November 10 at 12 noon.  


Certify your level of English

If you need to certify your level of English in order to apply for a mobility place, the next one 12 November you have the opportunity to do so with a test that will take place in person at TecnoCampus.    

If you have taken some of the compulsory Foreign Language I, II or III subjects within the Degree or through the Open Language Classroom service they can you can request the processing of official certificates of Languages ​​studied until November 14th. 


Your request

- Provisional list of admitted and excluded applications

Period of allegations and amendments: If your application has been Excluded, you have until Thursday, December 9 at 9:00 p.m. to email us at the necessary documentation to pass it to Admesa. Late requests will not be accepted.

Consult the rules of the 2022-23 call

Operation of international mobility calls

Through international mobility calls, TecnoCampus awards each year the mobility places available for the next academic year to make stays validable through the various exchange programs. Below we highlight the main points of the call. 

The selection will be carried out in a competitive bidding regime, in accordance with the evaluation criteria of the following applications:

  1. Average mark of the file that the student has open at the time of making his application. This average grade is calculated on a scale of 0 to 10.
  2. In the event of a tie, preference will be given to the student with the most credits passed.

The places will be allocated in order of average grade and compliance with the requirements of each place. The award procedure works as follows:

  1. Request your destination preferences (up to 3 options).
  2. Consult online the pre-allocation of places. At this time you can withdraw your participation in the call, if you deem it appropriate. The places that are vacated will be allocated automatically, taking into account the average grade and the order of preference of the student.
  3. Consult the provisional allocation of places. You can decide between accepting or not accepting (not accepting implies that you are ultimately not interested in leaving the exchange).
  4. If you have not obtained a place, or you are in a situation of conditional participation, you will be able to participate in the reassignment process (according to the places that have become vacant).
  5. Check the final allocation of places.

Students who have already enjoyed mobility as well as students who have resigned from the place awarded in the 2020 call without duly accredited force majeure, may participate in this call with the restrictions provided. 

The allocation of mobility places is made under the principles of concurrence and equality, with the application of the following rules:

  • If a student has already been the beneficiary of an international mobility place and wants to make a second one within the framework of the same, he / she will be able to apply only for the vacancies in the reassignment procedure. The student can make a maximum stay of 12 months per study cycle.
  • If a student has resigned from the place awarded in the 2020 call without duly accredited force majeure, he / she will be able to apply only for the vacancies during the reassignment process.

In order to be eligible for the places and grants in this call, compliance with the following requirements will be verified on the closing date of the application period:

a) Be enrolled in the Tecnocampus during the 2020 academic year in one of the degrees.

b) Have a minimum of 60 ECTS approved. 

c) For the Erasmus + program: having the nationality of one of the participating States within the program or, in the case of having it from third countries, proving that you are in possession of a valid permit to reside in Spain for the period of completion of the mobility.

d) Accredit the knowledge of the language of teaching at the destination university to ensure the use of the stay, according to the level established by the requirements of each program and the place in question.

Language accreditation
Only official certificates will be accepted in accordance with the AGAUR table (Agency for the Management of University and Research Grants) for the MOBINT call, including the UPF language proficiency test (PCCL) or the corresponding UPC exams

You can find out how to apply at the next one GUIDE