• Title: Joint Honours in Bussines Administration and Management / Marketing and Digital Communities
  • Duration: 5 academic years structured into three-month terms
  • Study load: 326 ECTS credits
  • Format: Face-to-face
  • Timetables: Afternoons (from 3 to 9 p.m.)
  • Run by: School of Bussines and Social Science
  • Qualification: Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)
  • Fees: Check out the cost and financing options for the study program at the following link (Fees and financing)
  • Access: Find out about the different access routes and how to complete the university pre-registration process (Access)
  • Places: 55
  • Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English
  • Minimum score: 7,924 (19/20)

The Degree in Business Administration and Innovation Management (AdE and GI) of the Higher School of Social Sciences and of the TecnoCampus company has obtained in 2016 the favorable accreditation by the Agency for the Quality of the University System of Catalonia (AQU). Accreditation is the verification, from an external visit, that the degree is developing as planned for verification.

With this recognition, the school's titles guarantee the quality of teaching in accordance with the standard set by the agency for all universities.


The Degree in Marketing and Digital Communities at the TecnoCampus Higher School of Social Sciences and Business has been awarded the favorable accreditation by the Agency for the Quality of the University System of Catalonia (AQU) in 2018. . Accreditation is the verification, from an external visit, that the degree is developing as planned for verification.

With this recognition, the titles of the school guarantee the quality of teaching in accordance with the standard set by the Agency for all universities.

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The overall objective of the Double Degree in Business Administration and Management Innovation and the Degree in marketing and digital communities is to prepare professionals with comprehensive global criteria in business and administration management knowledge for the new economy and with a complete mastery of modern technologies, able to use marketing tools and social media communication in order to recognize business opportunities, fostering creativity and entrepreneurship, establishing strategies, anticipating changes , optimizing resources and analyzing information for decision making to achieve the objectives set by the organization.


  • 1
    Company internships and Employment Exchange

    TecnoCampus’s close ties to the business community enable us to give students access to internships to consolidate their knowledge in a real professional environment. Each year, over 700 students take part in internship programs in more than 1,500 companies.

    The Employment Exchange helps students to join the professional world. This tool enables you to put the knowledge that you have acquired into practice, with either an internship or employment contract.

  • 2

    InnoLab is a creativity and innovation laboratory that breaks with the rigid structure of conventional classroom studies, enabling group work and fostering a creative and entrepreneurial spirit.

  • 3
    Own projects

    Over the course of the joint honours qualification, students work on their own digital identity project.

  • 4

    Study agreements and internships in different countries around the world. As part of our commitment to internationalization, we have partnership agreements in place with 105 universities in 34 countries to give you the opportunity to experience studying or taking an internship abroad.

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Knowledge that has been accredited through official access routes will be required, but it is also recommended that the student has the following skills:

- Command and leadership skills

- Organization and responsibility

- Ability to impart instructions

- Ease of oral and written expressionDynamism and Creativity

- Passion for new technologies, Internet and web 2.0.

- Experience in online communication

- Know how to listen, how to respond

- Knowledge and respect for social minorities






  • Understand the structures, functions and management methods of different business types.
  • Know useful tools for decisions-making in the current economic context
  • Learn to work in a team, in a national or international context, applying flexibility and creativity in the acquired knowledge and adapting them to new contexts and situations
  • Lead a team and develop creative/innovative capabilities and initiatives with an entrepreneurial and competitive spirit
  • Ability to generate ideas and solve problems, both individually and collectively, as well as the ability to express these ideas and solutions to others.
  • Develop and learn entrepreneurial skills that strengthen personal confidence and reduce risk aversion.
  • Develop capacity to acquire an open attitude to change and be prepared to re-evaluate old mental models that limit thinking by adopting a positive way of thinking.
  • Communicate ownership orally and in writing in at least one third foreign language.

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  • Apply the principles of marketing and market research.
  • Identify the qualitative and quantitative tools for analysis and diagnosis for market research.
  • Analyze and evaluate the strategies of development, launching and positioning of new products, as well as making decisions regarding the product variable, price, distribution and communication.
  • Synthesize and evaluate marketing strategies for the internationalization of business activity.
  • Apply technology tools to leverage business resources through marketing.
  • Apply the knowledge to enter into business projects that allow the creation of new companies or the improvement of existing ines, applying innovative and creative ideas.
  • Identify and manage e-Marketing tools.
  • Apply the acquired knowledge to the management of digital communities.

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