• Title: Joint Honours in Physiotherapy and Physiotherapy and Physical Activity and Sport Sciences
  • Duration: 5 academic years structured into three-month terms
  • Study load: 349 ECTS credits
  • Format: Blended
  • Timetables: Morning
  • Run by: School of Health Sciences
  • Qualification: Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)
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  • Access: Find out about the different access routes and how to complete the university pre-registration process (Access)
  • Places: 40
  • Languages: Catalan, Spanish and English
  • Minimum score: 6,830 (19/20)
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The Double Degree in Physiotherapy and Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (CAFD) qualifies to work as a health professional with training in physiotherapy, physical activity and sport. These professionals will be equipped to respond to the progressive ageing of the population and rehabilitation, with competences to treat, cure and prevent illnesses through movement for people with sedentary lifestyles, people in convalescence, and sportspeople in periods of retraining and rehabilitation for training and competition.

It offers a 5-year academic program with a total of 321 ECTS, with a solid training coherence and an attractive professional offer focused on health and physical activity.

The Degree in Physiotherapy of the ESCST responds to the growing demand for territorial interest to incorporate a higher education degree that links physical activity as therapy and as an element of promotion of the general health of the individual.

The proposed double degree encourages the inclusion of basic training materials in the first years of academic training, sharing the first course with CAFD. The specific training of Physiotherapy is started as of the second course and specialization is carried out in the last two years, including 40 ECTS of external training. The degrees in Fisoterapia and in CAFD in the ESCST are granted by Pompeu Fabra University (UPF) and are distinguished from other proposals by the following characteristics:


  • TecnoCampus belongs to the University Entrepreneurship Network. The training of the students in the CAFD degree is carried out under a constant perspective of an entrepreneurial spirit, being a reference the use of ICTs applied to health and wellbeing and seeking synergies with other studies that are part of TecnoCampus, such as the Degree of Nursing, the Degree of Business Administration and Management of Innovation, the Degree of Tourism and Leisure Management.

  • Sports facilities: the facilities that are available to the students of the Double Degree of the ESCST are of the highest level of performance.  All of them are nearby at the TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme (TCMM) with the participation of both the City Council of Mataró and a number of privately owned companies.


The general objectives of the Double Degree are:

  • Train professionals who specialize in physical activity for health and physiotherapy.
  • To train specialists in sports training, both in initiation and high performance.
  • Prepare professionals in private initiatives in the field of wellness, health and well-being of people.


Analyzing separately the competences that provide each one of the two degrees, in the university programs of the Degree of Physiotherapy, the specific formation, on physical activity, is not incorporated to the extent and depth that would be desirable.  This fact produces a vacuum in the competences and capacities that the physiotherapist acquires in his training, a fact that facilitates that other professionals consider themselves qualified for certain jobs.

Training in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (CAFD) provides the student with the skills related to sports practice and physical activity.

The professional who opts for the study of both degrees will have covered the knowledge gaps left by both qualifications, being a professional with more complete knowledge and acquiring more skillseft by both qualifications, being a professional with more complete knowledge and acquiring more skills.

"At the end of the degree we will have a professional profile in sports and health" Miriam Corredor, Student of TecnoCampus


  • 1
    Connecting to the labor market

    Thanks to the experience of the teaching team, the contents and the teaching-learning activities are very oriented to train the students and facilitate their labor insertion

  • 2

    The TecnoCampus has agreements with the main sanitary and sports institutions of the territory

  • 3
    Health, sport and quality of life

    Specialized training in health and quality of life.

  • 4
    Research and Lifelong Learning

    The option of taking the University Master in Chronicity and Dependency program at the same university centre.

  • 5
    Pràctiques en empreses

    Ampli programa de pràctiques externes a les principals institucions sanitàries i esportives del territori.

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