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La Open Day, held last Saturday, April 20. It was a unique event, designed for you to get to know the TecnoCampus facilities first hand, with the help of students and teachers from the campus. In addition, we offered a wide range of information sessions to inform you about each of the 19 degrees and double degrees with the seal of Pompeu Fabra University that you can take at TecnoCampus.

In the information sessions, the coordinators of the degrees made a presentation of the degree. Once the theoretical session was over, we made face-to-face visits in groups to get to know the teaching spaces and the facilities. 


Guided visits in May at TecnoCampus

We have opened registrations at guided tours that we will do during the months of May and June, it's wednesday afternoon It will be an opportunity to get to know the facilities for all those who were unable to attend the Open Doors or who wish to repeat the visit.


TecnoCampus guided tours