Reservation of Library spaces

Book the group work rooms in the Library.

the name of
The day and time are conditioned to the hours of the Library-CRAI

Individualized workspaces

  • The CRAI Library has 7 group work rooms. These spaces, which are restricted to users from the TecnoCampus, can be occupied for 2 hours for a maximum of 6 people per room. They work by appointment, and Library staff must have confirmation of the reservation request so that the user can be assured that their request has been met.

Exhibitors Space

On the lower floor, there is a space for the exhibition of bibliographic novelties, anniversaries and outstanding celebrations.

Computer rooms

Temporary computer rooms only function as study spaces, as they do not have computers. However, there are printing facilities in rooms 1 and 3 if the student brings their own laptop, touch tablet or mobile phone.

General use rooms

Access to the general rooms of the Library is free for the TecnoCampus community and also for external users. However, during exams, access is restricted to TecnoCampus students.