Finders of information resources

  • Through Buscabib, it is possible to renew loans, reserve documents, access electronic resources, save searches or export references to any bibliographic manager.

    From the Buscabib, it not only allows you to search the bibliographic material of the Library-CRAI of the TecnoCampus, either on paper or digital, but there is also direct access to search the Collective Catalog of the Universities of Catalonia (CCUC) .

    Until further notice, if you need a document that is not in the TecnoCampus Library, it cannot be requested through a joint university loan (PUC), but must be requested through an interlibrary loan (PI).

Electronic resources

  • TecnoCampus databases

    The Library-CRAI offers several databases of exclusive access to the university community, through the eCampus.


  • Academic work

    In the TecnoCampus Digital Repository you can find the TFG/TFM of the students (authors) who have authorized their dissemination.

  • Digital Library of Catalonia

    The Digital Library of Catalonia (BDC) contains electronic information contracted jointly by the member libraries of the CSUC, with restricted access.

CSUC cooperative repositories

Researched (Research Deposit in Catalonia)

Contains research literature produced at universities and research centres.


TDX (Online Doctoral Thesis)

It allows you to search the full text of the theses, by author, director, title, subject of the thesis, university and department where it was read, year of defense, etc.

Search the CCUC

MDX (Online Teaching Materials)

Facilitates access to digital teaching materials and resources from participating universities.


RACO (Catalan Magazines with Open Access)

It allows you to consult full-text articles from Catalan scientific, cultural and scholarly journals.



Learning support

Other resources


Repository that includes about 987.801 open access documents and pre-publications related to physics, mathematics, computer science, quantitative biology, finance and statistics.



Open access database that offers questionnaires in Spanish of Patient Reported Outcomes (PRO). It offers more than 500 questionnaires.


Central Biomed

Online and open publication of research articles on all fields of biology and medicine (Medicine)


Cochrane Library Plus

Set of bibliographic databases, abstracts, and full-text articles on evidence-based medicine. (Medicine)



World collector of scientific documents



Database of journal summaries in Spanish. It allows you to select magazines and receive email alerts with summaries of new issues appearing from the magazines you have selected. It also allows you to request the full text of the articles through the Library's document collection service.



Directory of open access books. The resource offers access to full-text academic content that can be downloaded. 



Network of digital repositories with content from all academic disciplines, with more than 3,5 million scientific publications, where you will find articles from journals, theses, books, conferences, reports, etc. Regular collection of the main repositories from 38 countries is carried out.



It is an Internet portal that gives access to millions of books, paintings, films, museum objects and archival documents that have been digitized throughout Europe. 



Economics and finance research Bibliographic and very exhaustive database on economics and finance compiled by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis in the United States. It allows you to browse by documentary type as well as identify authors, institutions and other relevant actors in the field of economics.



The National Statistics Institute (INE) compiles and distributes official statistics in Spain. INEbase is the system used by the INE for the storage of statistical information on the Internet. It contains all the information that the INE produces in electronic formats: population and housing census, statistical information by sectors, Spain in figures, short-term data, municipal data, etc.



Search for regulations and doctrine of economics and finance in this database of the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations. Allows you to search by title, standard name, and disposition date, and filter by department, agency, section, rank, and subject for a more accurate search. 



Database with comparative information on a wide range of tax statistics from the thirty-four OECD member countries: tax revenue, personal income taxes, other mandatory non-tax payments, corporate income and capital taxes, and consumption taxes.



It is a platform that brings together all national scientific repositories and provides services to repository managers, researchers and agents involved in policy making.



Database that aims to be a model for the cooperative electronic publication of Central American and South American scientific journals on the Internet, providing an efficient solution in order to ensure its viability and accessibility. 



Database of doctoral theses read in Spanish universities.