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Are you interested in participating in any of the cooperation and volunteering programs we offer you from the TecnoCampus?

From TecnoCampus we are committed to creating volunteers who can cooperate with all the organizations with which we have a link; in this way and in a selfless way, you will be able to grow as a person through different programs.

The TecnoCampus currently collaborates with more than a dozen third sector organizations working on a wide range of issues (poverty, human rights, solidarity, children, the elderly, etc.).

We encourage you to take a look at the collaborating entities so that you can choose which one attracts you the most and where you would like to volunteer.

If you are a student and want to volunteer * in one of these organizations, send us one mail!

* You can get up to 2 RAC credits.


Take a look at the associations with agreement:

Volunteer Offers

El project Horizons was born with the name "Competences of Introduction to the University in Secondary: avoiding the social exclusion"as the winning project of the first edition of the University Social Responsibility Project Competitionorganized to promote and promote the social commitment of the UPF community.

L'goal of the project is to provide close references (Tecnocampus students) and some university strategies to high school students about what it means to study at university and how to do it through various skills such as:

  • Contextual skills (What is the University? How is it organized? What can I find there?).
  • Methodological skills (How do you study and learn at the University?).
  • Information-oriented digital skills (How do I find information resources to do a good research job?).

In the 2019-20 edition, this competence development project aimed at first-year high school students will be carried out with an institute in Mataró:

  •  the INS Miquel Biada

The participating Tecnocampus volunteer students have one central role in the project:

  • They become the referents of the students of the Institutes.
  • They transfer their knowledge and university experience to the service of high school students.
  • They acquire a strong social commitment in a close environment.

Els main commitments acquired by Tecnocampus students participating in the project are:

  1. Attendance at previous training at UPF.
  2. Preparation of the sessions taught at the Institutes.
  3. Carrying out the sessions with students at the Institutes at the time established by each center (one hour per week for 5 sessions).
  4. Information to the management and tutoring teams of the Institutes of any unforeseen circumstances before or during the scheduled sessions.
  5. Coordination with the UPF technical team that manages the project in the planning and monitoring phases.
  6. Team evaluation during project development.
  7. Collaboration in the organization and development of the final visit to the UPF of the students of the Institutes.
  8. Individual evaluation at the end of the project.

What do I need to volunteer?

  • Oral communicative competence.
  • Social commitment.
  • Interest in education.
  • Willingness to learn as a team.
  • Empathy.



To become a volunteer, contact: vidauniversitaria@tecnocampus.cat

   Logo Agim 

Place Website www.agimm.org

Scope: Entertainment and health for the elderly

Offer 1: Mediaval Week

Tasks to perform

- Support for the organization and distribution of the medieval week; assemble, disassemble and stops


Offer 2: Solidarity March and Accompaniment on Departures

Tasks to perform:

- Accompaniment due to the special need of the participants during the solidarity march.



Equipamientos - Vila-seca

Website: www.cruzroja.es 

Scope: Social and aid

Offer 1: Work club

Description of the activity : Advice and support during the job search process for people with difficulties.

Tasks to perform 

- Help with curriculum vitae, ICT skills to search for job information on the internet, find out how the job offer is currently, advise with internet applications.  

Days and hours : Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and Friday from 17 p.m. to 19 p.m. 

place:  C / Torrent de les Piques, 52 - Mataró 08304   



Offer 2: Housing search 

Description of the activity: Advise and guide in the housing search process  

Tasks to perform

- Motivate in the search for housing, help and advise on the different websites.  

Days and hours: Tuesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to noon.  

place: C / Torrent de les Piques, 52 - Mataró 08304 



Offer 3: Socio-educational workshops 

Description of the activity: Leisure and civic education activities for users 

Tasks to perform:

- Carry out socio-educational workshops, workshops, activities, talks, etc.  

Day and hour: Thursday from 15 to 17 p.m.  

Place: C / Ciutat Freta, 12 - Mataró 08304 



Student profile 

- Person with social skills such as empathy and listening skills. 

- To be able to identify problems and evaluate solutions.  

- With skills in ICT (information and communication technology).  



Cooperating Volunteers

Cooperating Volunteers is a company that organizes volunteer experiences in Asia, Africa and South America, through coordination and advice to volunteers.

Website: www.cooperatingvolunteers.com

Subject area: International volunteering

Offer: International volunteering in Uganda 

Activity description: Help the local communities of Fort Portal

Tasks to help:

- Childcare

- Teaching in schools

- Medical project at the district reference hospital

- Sports

- Construction

- Community education

Student profile:

- Open mind to adapt to a new culture totally different from ours. 

Days and hours: Monday to Friday from 9am to 13pm

Place: Fort Portal, Uganda


Fundació Hospital | Sant Jaume i Santa Magdalena

The mission of the Hospital Foundation is to bring psychology to everyone who needs it, from children to young people and adults. The foundation contributes to the health and social well-being of the community by offering services, spaces and opportunities where people and organizations can find the knowledge, resources and support needed to develop fully.

Website: https://fundaciohospital.org/

Scope: Seniors

Offer 1: We act against unwanted loneliness

Offer description: Collaborate with those grandparents who need to spend time in company to avoid feeling sad and lonely.

Tasks to perform:

- Calls to assigned people, once a week or as needed

- Fill out Google Docs forms

- Walks

- Shopping

- Accompaniment to leisure activities

Student profile:

- People with communication skills.

- Domini fluït del català i el castellà, es tindrà en compte persones que parlin més idiomes.

- Sensitive to the elderly and the situation they are living.

- Annual action commitment.


Dret a morir dignament, conferència a càrrec de Neus Gimeno, treballadora  social. Biblioteca Pública de Tarragona

Website: www.dmd.cat/index.php/es/ 

Subject area: Hello 

Offer: Support in the marketing development plan  

Tasks to perform 

- Support for the marketing plan and content creation and maintenance of digital profiles 


Proyecto Alpha

Website: www.proyectoalpha.org 

Subject area: Disability 

Offer 1: Accompanying Sports Outings 

Tasks to perform:

Accompaniment and support due to the special need of the attendees during the outings 


Offer 2: Social Media / Web Support

Tasks to perform: 

- To support the tasks of maintenance and operation of the Social Networks and the web platform.


Website: www.reeixir.org

Scope: Health

Offer 1: Social Media Management

Tasks to perform:

- Support on the web and social networks



Offer 2: Mindfulness workshop

Tasks to perform:

- Workshop dedicated to yoga and mental well-being of attendees

Offer 3: Home support

Tasks to perform: 

Personal assistance at home for those people who are not yet able to attend the events of the entity.


Website: www..salutmental.org / recurso / salut-mental-mataro-maresme /

Scope: Health 

Offer: Social media and web support

Tasks to perform: 

- Support the creation and promotion of multimedia content



INVISIBLE _ Solidarity Campaign with Refugees

The past May 24, 10 a.m. to 17 p.m. will be held at the TecnoCampus the SOLIDARITY FAIR

After the pause of the pandemic and in the face of a worrying global moment with the emergency caused by the war in Ukraine, it is time to activate the TecnoCampus Solidarity Fair focused on Refugees. 

The aim of this action is to turn the university square into a showcase for participating organizations, organizations that work with cooperation and volunteering, as well as organizations that work with refugees from around the world. A space for meeting, debate and the promotion of group and individual solidarity. 



    With the AE BOET Sports Club and the TecnoCampus Castellers Association, Els Passerells, they organized a solidarity basketball tournament with the aim of raising funds and allocating it to a non-profit organization that works with a refugee project. .

  • SOLIDARITY LUNCH, don't bring the Tupperware!

    With the collaboration of the university restaurant, it was possible to offer a simple but very supportive menu to raise funds. For every meal sold, one euro was allocated to the solidarity fund.  

Solidarity Lunch FAQs

Buy a lunch ticket for 6 euros on Tuesday 24 May.

In the TecnoCampus solidarity tent, in front of the bar.

Rice with vegetables or noodles with bolts and artichokes Piece of fruit Water

One euro from each six-euro ticket goes directly to the collection bin.

After the Solidarity Fair, you can select the entity you want to receive the pot of money raised from the solidarity lunch and the TecnoCampus basketball tournament. A list of entities specializing in the field of action for the refugee group will be provided through networks in order to be selected.

The organization with the most votes among all participants will receive the total of the money raised from the solidarity lunch and the TecnoCampus solidarity basketball tournament.