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Are you interested in participating in any of the cooperation and volunteering programs we offer you from the TecnoCampus?

From TecnoCampus we are committed to creating volunteers who can cooperate with all the organizations with which we have a link; in this way and in a selfless way, you will be able to grow as a person through different programs.

The TecnoCampus currently collaborates with more than a dozen third sector organizations working on a wide range of issues (poverty, human rights, solidarity, children, the elderly, etc.).

We encourage you to take a look at the collaborating entities so that you can choose which one attracts you the most and where you would like to volunteer.

If you are a student and want to volunteer * in one of these organizations, send us one mail!

* You can get up to 2 RAC credits.


Take a look at the associations with agreement:

TecnoCampus Volunteers

El project Horizons was born with the name "Competences of Introduction to the University in Secondary: avoiding the social exclusion"as the winning project of the first edition of the University Social Responsibility Project Competitionorganized to promote and promote the social commitment of the UPF community.

L'goal of the project is to provide close references (Tecnocampus students) and some university strategies to high school students about what it means to study at university and how to do it through various skills such as:

  • Contextual skills (What is the University? How is it organized? What can I find there?).
  • Methodological skills (How do you study and learn at the University?).
  • Information-oriented digital skills (How do I find information resources to do a good research job?).

In the 2019-20 edition, this competence development project aimed at first-year high school students will be carried out with an institute in Mataró:

  •  the INS Miquel Biada

The participating Tecnocampus volunteer students have one central role in the project:

  • They become the referents of the students of the Institutes.
  • They transfer their knowledge and university experience to the service of high school students.
  • They acquire a strong social commitment in a close environment.

The main commitments acquired by Tecnocampus students participating in the project are:

  1. Attendance at previous training at UPF.
  2. Preparation of the sessions taught at the Institutes.
  3. Carrying out the sessions with students at the Institutes at the time established by each center (one hour per week for 5 sessions).
  4. Information to the management and tutoring teams of the Institutes of any unforeseen circumstances before or during the scheduled sessions.
  5. Coordination with the UPF technical team that manages the project in the planning and monitoring phases.
  6. Team evaluation during project development.
  7. Collaboration in the organization and development of the final visit to the UPF of the students of the Institutes.
  8. Individual evaluation at the end of the project.

What do I need to volunteer?

  • Oral communicative competence.
  • Social commitment.
  • Interest in education.
  • Willingness to learn as a team.
  • Empathy.



To become a volunteer, contact:

The Rossinyol Barcelona Project is a leisure mentoring project that aims for children with low socioeconomic levels to accelerate their social inclusion based on trust and friendship with a university mentor and to raise awareness among the latter by doing so. -the participant in a common social project.

AGIM is an entity that provides personalized and group support to all those people who have suffered a stroke, neurodegenerative diseases and physical disabilities. It aims to offer services that cover the detected needs of people with functional diversity, to promote personal autonomy and independent living, especially in the field of health, personal and social.

Volunteering consists of carrying out tasks of organizing activities and events, marketing (social networks), etc.

For more information: AGIM volunteering

Logo Agim

ONCE is a young, diverse and always dynamic organization that renews every year its vocation of vap service to blind or other people with disabilities to improve their personal autonomy and quality of life. 


Once Foundation

Cooperating Volunteers

Cooperating Volunteers is a company that organizes volunteer experiences in Asia, Africa and South America, through coordination and advice to volunteers.

The mission of the Hospital Foundation is to bring psychology to everyone who needs it, from children to young people and adults. The foundation contributes to the health and social well-being of the community by offering services, spaces and opportunities where people and organizations can find the knowledge, resources and support needed to develop fully.


You have the opportunity to be part of the LECXIT volunteering of the Iluro Foundation. If you like reading you can accompany a child in reading. You only need 1 hour a week. If you are interested contact lecxit@fundació

Iluro Foundation

The Sant Joaquim Foundation is a charity that manages a social dining room in the city center. Its purpose is to care for people (men and women) by providing them with the opportunity to cover their daily meals.

Sant Joaquim Foundation

The Health and Nutrition Conference aims to raise public awareness of the need to eat healthily and to incorporate physical activity into everyday life, as we commemorate World Food Day (16/10).

English support program for children with hearing aids and cochlear implants


The t-oigo program, Allies in English, supports the development of English as a second (or third language) for children with hearing loss who have cochlear implants and hearing aids and who are within a bilingual education program in our country. Already consolidated and with excellent results, we expand the program every year to new cities.


The Canpedró Service Center needs 6 students who are fluent in English to help children at risk of social exclusion for 2 hours a week.

Canpedró service center

Sabatica is the space where you will find the answers to take a break from your life, work or studies. We manage more than 180 volunteer, internship or Au Pair programs in different countries around the world, offering various options according to the needs of each person from 15 days to 1 year.

Sabbatical: Experiences that will change your life!


SABBATH - Paid Internships Norway

SABATICA - Volunteering Australia

SABATICA - Volunteer Costa Rica Sea Turtles

The Sepsis Challenge has the vocation of being a charity event of reference in the region, and a mandatory appointment for all cyclists who want to end the season in Catalonia with a different activity with a solidarity march.


The AGIM (Associació Grup Integrador de Mataró i Maresme) is the organization of people affected by brain damage and physical disability in the Maresme. It is the reference center of the Ictus Foundation of Catalonia in the region and a reference entity for the Generalitat.

These are other NGOs with which TecnoCampus collaborates:

  • Matres Mundi
  • Vicene Ferrer - Project Teaming
  • Caritas Interparochial of Mataró
  • Creu Roja