The University Community Care Unit (UACU) coordinates the institutional cultural and leisure activities. Provides support and advice to the university community to organize exhibitions, conferences and events of a cultural, recreational or festive nature, and channels external cultural or leisure requests and proposals.

In addition, it has collaboration agreements with the main institutions of the city in order to promote access to and participation in the active cultural offer of the territory (musical, theatrical activity, museums, cinema, art ...).

If you are interested in participating in any of the activities, creating a new group or receiving information, contact the UACU.

Cultural activities organized by UACU

Debate league

If you enjoy debating with friends about current issues, speaking in public, practicing and improving your speaking skills, and looking for the strengths and weaknesses of a speech ... this is your activity!


THEATER and DANCE monograph!

The goal is to find out the world of urban dance to learn body language as a source of movement and communication.


University CHOIR

The TecnoCampus University Choir aims to promote knowledge of music among its members. If you like singing, if you are passionate about singing this is the activity you were looking for.

A proposal for a tasting of vocal music where you can see and make your voice talent brilliant!


WE DO CAMPUS! From December 29 to 2 come to the square


November 30 we will meet again, after the break of the pandemic, to celebrate the week of the TecnoCampus Campus and turn the university square into a meeting and celebration space created and revitalized by the university community and by the university community.


This activity aims to inform, promote and capture the attention and participation of students in order to reactivate university life. It has been organized so that each day is a specific day. Objective to be able to see / show what is being done at the university in the field of community revitalization.


Cultural activities organized by the Asest

Colla Castellera dels Passerells

Els Passerells del Tecnocampus is the university castle group of the TecnoCampus of Mataró (TCM), founded in 2011 and a member of the Coordinator of Castle Groups of Catalonia.

If you want to know more, do it click here!

TED x UPF Mataró

TEDxUPFMataró is a student committee that annually organizes a new edition of this event, where different ideas and reflections come together and connects people.

Want to be part of the team and help create a unique experience? Contacted TEDxUPFMataró!

Other cultural activities

  • List of cultural facilities: museums + theaters + etc

    Take a look at all the cultural spaces in the City and create your own cultural itinerary. Live Mataró and CONNECTED to CULTURE to only one click.

  • Festivals + Awards and announcements

    FESTIVAL LAVS is a multidisciplinary proposal that aims to offer a space for visual and sound creators where they can show their work. More information at

    PANOPTIC: FILM FESTIVAL OF KILLED  is a film and visual arts festival that looks at the contemporary world with an emphasis on the technology-society binomial. More information here.

    FILM MARKET is the moyster of audiovisual production of Mataro invoice that puts in value the production local audiovisual. More information here

  • He lives in Mataró

    Mataró has a very rich heritage, and together with the active museum and artistic activity that exists, you can make a set of visits and guided routes to get to know the city, history, architecture, the maritime side, museums, the nature, historical memory, archeology ... throughout the year many visits are organized, in groups or in your air, to discover unique aspects of the heritage of our city.

    More information at one click!

  • UPF cultural proposal

    Below we provide cultural information that may be of interest and that UPF coordinates and organizes on the Barcelona Campus:

    Open registration for the admission tests of theSCENE CLASSROOM:

    UPF ORCHESTRA: registration open throughout the course

    UPF COLOR: registration open throughout the course

    UPF THEATER CLASSROOM: registration open until October 7, 2021

    Registration open atUPF VOICE CLASSROOM

  • Exhibitions at the TecnoCampus

    At TecnoCampus we have different spaces where you can exhibit ART. We give you the opportunity to present your exhibition proposal.

    If you are interested in exhibiting some materials you can make your own proposal by accessing the HELPDESK  requesting this request by selecting CULTURE.

    We will ask you as a condition that all the exhibition proposals must be accompanied by an introductory text that contextualizes the works (thematic, technical, intentionality ...).