You can apply for a place in a Master's degree:
  • With a university degree.
  • With a bachelor's degree, engineering or architecture.
  • With a bachelor's degree, technical engineering or technical architecture.
  • With a foreign university degree:
* The European Higher Education Area (EHEA) that allows access to the teachings of master's degree in their country of issue.
* In the case of university qualifications from outside the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), you can always access to obtain the prior approval to a title that has access or, without approval, verification that these studies represent a level of education equivalent to the state titles of degree and that in the country that issued the title for access to postgraduate studies.
The acceptance in a master's degree does not imply, in any case, approval of the prior diploma, or its recognition for purposes different than that of the master’s program.

Opening date: 3/12/2019

Requests for admission will be evaluated according to the schedule of rounds of admission below.


Admission Application Deadline

Admission Resolution Deadline

Reservation date for places




Until 11/02/2021




Until 18/04/2021




Until 10/06/2021




Until 23/07/2021




Until 30/07/2021

SUMMARY OF THE STEPS TO FOLLOW:Applications received after a round, will move to the next. The rounds of admission are subject to the availability of places. 


Are you a new student? Are you already a TecnoCampus student?

If you have never been a TecnoCampus student or have not previously accessed the program, REGISTER NOW in order to get the university identification number (UIN) and the password to be able to access the pre-enrolment program.

If you have already registered or are a Tecnocampus student, start the pre-enrolment process directly.

To access the application, you need your university identification number (UIN) and password with which you usually access TecnoCampus as a student. If you do not remember these details, you can ask to be sent them again from the helpdesk

Enter de application program

  1. Check that you have all the necessary document before accessing the online program.
  2. Select personal and academic details in the different sections of the application. (max. 4 MB).
  3. Scan the personal and academic documents required and attach them to your application. The documents must be attached in PDF, JPG or Word format  (max 4 MB)
  4. If you would like, you can download a receipt verifying your admission application.

Once your application has been received, you start the selection process.  You will be informed of the Admission Board’s decision by e-mail in line with the established calendar. 

Factors to bear in mind if you are an international student:

  • To facilitate the whole admission process, visa application and other practical aspects related to your arrival and time here, we advise you to complete the pre-enrolment process as soon as possible.
  • Remember that, when you enrol, you will have to present the original copies of all the documentation you have submitted.
  • To apply for admission, you do not need to have an authenticated copy of your qualification until you enrol.


Documetation for admission

  1. Curriculum vitae: maximum 2 pages in Word, PDF or similar format. A4 or letter format
  2. Expectations letter: explanation of the motivation for taking this Master (maximum 1 page in Word, PDF or similar format. A4 or letter format), and 2 cover letters (a letter from a university professor and another more professional).
  3. Photocopy of National Identity Card or Passport
  4. Photocopy of your qualification or proof of qualification: If you have not yet obtained the qualification because you are currently finishing the course, you should indicate this in the Previous Studies Status section, selecting the Pending Completion option.
  5. Photocopy of your academic certificate: Academic report of your studies with a breakdown of the courses taken, ECTS (or hours), the times taken, grades by subject and overall grade.
  6. Upload a passport sized photograph.
  7. Accreditation of level of Spanish or Catalan: Level B1 of the CEFR or a Diploma of intermediate level. This requirement does not apply to residents in Spain or applicants from states in which one of these languages has official status.

The pre-enrolment documentation must be attached when completing the pre-enrolment online or in person. However, the original documentation listed below must be presented to complete the enrolment officially.

To guarantee your place, it is essential that you pay the reservation fee of 600€. This amount will only be refunded in the event of the cancellation or postponement of the course.

If you pay the reservation fee (€600) by 30 June, you will qualify for a 5% discount on the enrolment fee (excluding taxes).








In the selection process for specific candidates for the University Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (maximum 5 points) the following evaluation criteria apply:
  • Alignment of the candidate's profile to the Program's objectives and Contents (up to 2 points). The evaluation of the general suitability of the candidate’s profile is based in a letter of presentation and motivation, of a maximum of two pages in length, in which the candidates explain how they are aligned to the profile of the Master and their professional objectives.
  • Academic report (to be evaluated in line with the UPF’s academic report evaluation regulations) (up to 1.5 points).
  • Specific objective, especially if this experience had been obtained as an entrepreneur in the creation of a company or business (up to 1 point).
  • The content of two cover letters (0.5 points). A letter from a university professor and another more professional letter will be especially valued.

Submit the original documentation

Your definitive admission to the Master is subject to the verification of the documentation that you have submitted. Therefore, you must present the original documentation (or authenticated photocopies) of the copies that you submitted for pre-enrolment. If you do not present the originals, you will not be able to enrol.

Prior to enrolment, find out whether you need to do a tutorial with the Director of the Master.

The Department of Academic Management will notify you of the location, dates and timetables for submitting the documentation required to finalize your enrolment. If you have any doubts, contact us at formaciopermanentga@tecnocampus.cat

Documentation required for enrolment:

  1. University qualification or proof of qualification: original and photocopy (or duly authenticated photocopy). This must be submitted before finalizing the enrolment in July or September, directly at the Department of Academic Management (Master Admissions).
  2. Academic report: original and photocopy (or duly authenticated photocopy).
  3. National Identity Card (DNI), Foreign Resident Card (NIE) or Passport: original (or duly authenticated photocopy).
  4. Grants: if you are the beneficiary of any type of enrolment grant, you must submit the original and a photocopy of the accrediting document.
  5. If the university of origin is outside Spain, the university must provide certification accrediting that the candidate’s qualification entitles them to access postgraduate studies in their country of origin.
  6. Photograph: passport-size photograph in paper or digital format (JPG or similar).
  7. Accreditation of knowledge of Catalan or Spanish: Level B1 of the CEFR or a Diploma of intermediate level. This requirement does not apply to residents in Spain or applicants from states in which one of these languages has official status.
  8. Form Personal data
  9. Assignment Agreement Image rights
  10. Internet Regulation
  11. Document of authenticity
Extremely important: Information on qualifications and academic certificate not issued by a European Union Member State.
If your qualification and academic certificate are not issued by a European Union Member State (or Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein or Switzerland), you will need to complete the procedure required to legalize both documents (The Hague Apostille). This process must be completed in the country that issued the qualification before leaving the country, as it is not possible to do so in Barcelona. You can find our more information via the following link.
It is extremely important to remember that qualifications and academic certificates that are not written in Catalan, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese or English must be translated into Catalan or Spanish by an official translator.

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