Grants and Scholarships

  • Students of the official master’s may be eligible for one of the 8 “Impulsa TecnoCampus” grants valued at €2,000 each.
  • In order to study an official master’s students can apply for a general grant from the Department of Education, Culture and Sport (MECD), which includes fee wavering when enrolling on it for the first time, and, if necessary, financial help of different types and amounts depending on income and residence. 
  • Overseas students are encouraged to check whether there are official students’ grants available in their country.
  • Students on Master’s or Post-graduate degrees offered by the TecnoCampus’ Escola Superior de Ciències de la Salut may choose a Fecunmed grant.
  • TecnoCampus offers specific grants offered by companies or institutions for enrolling on some master’s or post-graduate degrees or for a specific field. 

For more information: (only available in Spanish and Catalan).

Portal Ploteus: Grants from the European Union for students from outside Europe to study in Europe.

Obra Social "la Caixa": Grants for official Master studies in Spain, for postgraduate studies in the United States, Germany, France, Great Britain and Canada, and Business Administration studies in China and India.

CONACYT: Grants for Mexican citizens to take postgraduate studies abroad.

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