The TecnoCampus university centre is integrated into the general university pre-registration system coordinated by the Office of Access to the University of the Generalitat. Pre-registration is formalized online at University Access Portal

Consultation here the informative video "How do you do university pre-registration through the University Access Portal?"

Necessary steps to pre-register:

1. Pre-registration is carried out through your access to University Access Portal.

2. You must fill in all the sections of your profile to be able to pre-register for university.

3. If you need to attach documentation, you can do so in the "Academic data" and/or "Other data" sections



4. In the "Pre-registration" tab you will find the link to make your university pre-registration. You must add your preference(s). If you have decided to study at TecnoCampus you can find the degrees by name or by Pompeu Fabra University.


Academic data


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How can you find Tecnocampus courses?

You can find them by the name of the degree or by Pompeu Fabra University.

These are the degrees you can take at TecnoCampus:

41029 - Business Administration and Innovation Management "TecnoCampus"
41036 - Business Administration and Innovation Management "TecnoCampus" (teaching in English)
41041 - Business Administration and Innovation Management/Marketing and Digital Communities "TecnoCampus"
41035 - Business Administration and Innovation Management/Tourism and Leisure Management "TecnoCampus"
41045 - Design and Production of "TecnoCampus" Video Games 
41038 - Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport "TecnoCampus"
41037 - Sciences of Physical Activity and Sport / Physiotherapy "TecnoCampus"
41057 - Industrial Electronic and Automatic Engineering "TecnoCampus"/Mechanical Engineering "TecnoCampus"/Industrial Organizational Engineering "TecnoCampus"
41047 - IT Engineering Management and Information Systems "Tecnocampus"
41031 - "Tecnocampus" Nursing
41048 - Logistics and Maritime Business "TecnoCampus" 
41049 - "TecnoCampus" Audiovisual Media 
41039 - Marketing and Digital Communities "TecnoCampus"
41052 - Design and Production of Video Games / Computer Engineering for Management and Information Systems "TecnoCampus"
41055 - Physiotherapy "TecnoCampus"
41061 - Human Nutrition and Dietetics "TecnoCampus"
41062 - Tourism and Leisure Management / Marketing and Digital Communities "TecnoCampus"

Simultaneous degrees

To the simultaneous degrees the student starts a degree (which he will study according to the study plan established in 4 academic years) and, from the second or third year (depending on the chosen degree), he can start to study a second qualification simultaneously.

Simultaneous degrees


Electronic Engineering + Mechanical Engineering.

The student requests admission to the studies of MechanicsElectronics: Industrial Organization, with common pre-registration code: 41057.


 Management Computer Engineering and Information Systems + Electronic engineering.

Admission routes:

The student requests admission to the studies of MechanicsElectronics: Industrial Organization, with common pre-registration code: 41057.

The student applies for admission to the studies of Computer Engineering: pre-registration code 41047

Video Game Design and Production + Audiovisual Media

The student requests admission to the studies exclusively from the degree of Video games: pre-registration code 41045.

Find out how to contact the University Access Office and other territorial offices

Frequent doubts about university pre-registration


How do I make my wish list?

Places are allocated according to a strict grade order and according to the order of preference indicated by the student. You can put up to 8 options.

Can I change my preference list?

Yes, within the pre-registration period you can change your list of preferences as many times as you want.

What is the criterion applied to award places?

 The applications of the students are ordered by the note of admission. The places in each of the study centres are awarded starting with the student's pre-registration with the highest admission mark and going down in descending order of grade until all the places are exhausted.

If they don’t assign me the first option I asked for, do I lose chances for them to give me the second option for not putting it first?

No, the places are allocated in a strict order of note and according to the order of preference indicated by the applicant in the pre-registration.

 Example: One person has put in 1st preference the degree in Physiotherapy in TecnoCampus and has an admission mark of 7. Another asks for the same degree in the same centre in 3rd preference and has a 9. In this case the latter will be given preference, even though they have put Physiotherapy from TecnoCampus as 3rd choice.

Are places reserved for September?

No. In the September call, only the places that have been left vacant in the June call are offered.

What should I do once I have been assigned a place?

Check the website of the corresponding centre to find out what day and time of registration you have been assigned and what documentation you must bring.

Do you have any questions about pre-registration?

Contact with us:

University Admissions Office (Headquarters)

Via Laietana, 2
Tel. (+34) 93 223 03 23 / (+34) 93 223 25 91

Contact mailbox

Territorial Headquarters of the University Admission Office in Mataró

TecnoCampus Mataró ‐ Maresme (University building)
Avinguda Ernest Lluch, 32 (Porta Laietana)
08302 Mataró (Barcelona) 

Telephone support: (+34) 93 702 32 02 (opening hours: Monday to Friday from 9.30 am to 13.30 pm)

Face-to-face: Exclusively by appointment (opening hours: Monday to Thursday, from 10.00 a.m. to 13.00 p.m.) Prior appointment must be requested by e-mail:

Attention by email: Documentation is not accepted in this email, the student must submit it to University Access Portal


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If you want to access the TecnoCampus degrees, it is necessary to formalize the university pre-registration.