Remember that you can check the day and time you are assigned to register in this "Coming Soon" link

What should you bring?

Mandatory documentation 


The presentation of the required documentation is an essential condition to formalize the registration, to carry out the management of the file and to request any academic service (certificates, degrees, transfer of file, etc.).

How does class group assignment work? 

Group assignments will be awarded by the center at the time of enrollment. In the case of studies that have morning and afternoon schedules (Audiovisual Media), they will be able to choose morning or afternoon schedules in order of assignment and access note until the groups are completed. The center reserves the right to make group changes by readjusting them, always within the time slot assigned to the registration.

  • Standard form of personal data, by clicking on the following link: Catalan / Spanish
  • Contribution for the promotion of the associative fabric of the TecnoCampus, by clicking on the following link: Catalan / Spanish. PFor more information, see the following link
  • Photocopy of the DNI, or for foreigners the NIE / Passport 
  • Guard of theonline survey (from July 12) Have a digital photo ready to upload when you take the survey in .jpg or .jpeg format, maximum 2Mb in weight and a minimum size of 176px wide and 220px high. Bust type, preferably with a white background. This will be the photo that will be used for your student card and for the virtual campus
  • Original of the receipt accrediting the payment of the transfer that they facilitate to the university of origin (only students who have begun the university studies)

Optional documentation

  • If you already have an accredited certificate at level B2 or higher (such as First (FCE) or CAE in English, Goethe-Zertifikat B2 or C1 in German, DELF B2 or DALF C1 in French, the CELI 3 or 4 of Italian or the Advanced Certificate of the Official Language School of any of these languages), present it, together with a photocopy. IMPORTANTif the student who has new access to undergraduate studies already has an accrediting certificate of level B2.2 or higher in English, German, French or Italian, you must present the original and a copy on the day of registration (in this case, you will not have to pay the Linguistic Diagnostic Test (PDL) fee or take the test); you can also do it later, during the course, so that it is recorded in your academic record (in this case, however, you will not be refunded the fee for the PDL that is charged at the time of enrolment). More information.
  • In the event of a request for validation of higher education cycle credits: Printed CFGS acknowledgment (by clicking on the following link: Catalan / Spanish) together with the original and a photocopy of the CFGS certificate of grades; Check if your CFGS has validations in your Degree and which subjects in the next one link
  • In the event of a request for recognition of credits between university studies started: Printed Recognitions/Validations between university studies (with the documents specified on the printout), by clicking on the following link: Catalan / Spanish. It is necessary to contact the Coordinator of the Degree beforehand
  • In case of delegating registration to someone other than the student. Printed registration authorization by clicking on the following link: Catalan / Spanish
  • In case of request for bonuses such as large family, disability, etc .: For tuition bonuses, consult the documents in each case in the following link
  • In case of application for the credit account CrediCompte Estudis Sabadell Consumer, on the day of registration you will have to bring FORMAT.jpg to upload to the app:

• Photocopy of the DNI / NIE of the person who will pay the credit
• Photocopy of the document accrediting no. of account where the holder (s) are listed (notebook or direct debit)