Contribute to the economic and social growth of the territory linked to Mataró and Maresme, through an integral model of knowledge generation, training, business, and innovation. In order to do this, two central objective types are assumed:

Consolidate an offer of higher education that is highly professional and committed to the development of the people who make up the TecnoCampus community.
To manage a technological and entrepreneurial park that helps to improve the competitiveness of companies, innovation, and internationalization, while becoming a link of the relationship between the university and the company.


To be a model of reference in the national and international scope in the interrelation between the university and the company. Do it through a quality educational experience connected to the business world, thus consolidating TecnoCampus as an instrument of transformation and economic and social development of the territory linked to Mataró and Maresme.

  • Rigor

    Commitment to quality, rigor and professionalism in teaching, entrepreneurship and business services, in order to become a reference model.

  • Proximity

    Consolidation as an economic engine and social impact with the commitment to respond to the challenges that arise, positioning students and users as the center of academic and professional activity to establish a model of close and trustworthy relationship.

  • Social commitment

    Commitment as a Foundation to contribute actively to the economic and social improvement, through a management based on ethics, equity, sustainability and the realization of actions and initiatives that have a significant impact on social progress.

  • Transparency

    Recognition as an organization with its own organizational capacity and committed to the institutions and the rigor in the fulfillment of the objectives set, as well as in the review of the results obtained.

  • Innovation and entrepreneurship

    Ability to adapt to a dynamic and competitive environment in order to position itself as a reference institution thanks to talent and creativity.

  • TecnoCampus Community

    The responsibility of the Foundation to train people and professionals who constitute a cohesive community in a framework of equality, gender equity, flexibility and transversality that ensures the generation of opportunities and the transmission of their own values, as well as the promotion of styles Healthy living for members of the university community.