Of these, 66,4% are first preference, or 2 out of 3 new students

214 students have been placed on a waiting list, of which 30% are students who had chosen the TecnoCampus as their first preference.

The university centers of the TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme have as a result of the pre-registration process in June a total of 443 assigned students. This figure represents an increase of 72% over the previous year; if the comparison is made excluding the degree in Nursing, which begins this year and the past was not taught, the growth is equally significant, at 37%. This sharp increase takes place in the year of the launch of the new campus located in the building of the TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme in the Rengle, which will take place in September.

By centers, at the Polytechnic University School of Mataró, attached to the UPC, highlight the GMA, with a cut-off mark of 6,694 and 150 first-year students assigned in June, of which 106 are in first preference. This year the number of places has doubled given the high demand. Degrees in engineering increased by 31% over the previous year.

The newly created School of Health Sciences is launching the Degree in Nursing next year, a new study that has been widely accepted. All places have been allocated, with 90 students, and a cut-off grade of 7,76.

For its part, the Maresme University School (EUM) has had the highest growth in the last five years in both careers. The Degree and Business Administration and Innovation Management has 93 students assigned, of which 67 are in first choice; the growth in this degree is 40% compared to last year. The degree in Tourism and Leisure Management stands out, with a very significant growth: from 17 students assigned last year to 30 students assigned this year.

These figures for the June pre-registration will be complemented by the September enrollment, which in the case of some degrees will still represent an increase in assigned students. 


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