The effectiveness and maintenance of key indicators, KPI, for the areas of operations of a company has been the theme of the Conference organized by the Working Group on Integration 4.0 of the Industry 4.0 Commission of the College of Engineers Industrialists of Catalonia.  


Having an appropriate set of key indicators is essential for improving the operations of an organization's processes and operations. And also to ensure the implementation of a strategic plan, focusing on what is really important, it is necessary to have a set of significant indicators, which allow us to monitor how the results of our operations evolve and , which allow us to make decisions in a reasoned way.  

The conference, held in a non-contact format, had a general presentation by Professor Jordi Ayza, of the Research Group on Intelligent Manufacturing and Industrial Innovation (FI 4.0), of the Polytechnic School of Tecnocampus. Josep Moré, from Hidrocolor SL, and Agustí Escarré, from Escarré Automatización y Servicios also took part. Both companies have participated in the work for the Design of the Mention 4.0, which is currently being taught at the center. 


Professor Jesús Martínez Marín participates in a debate on the impact of climate change on port infrastructures


The TecnoCampus hosts the I International Congress of DiGRA Spain dedicated to video games