Medical problems can have many forms of approach, one of which is from physiotherapy. This is what the physiotherapist and psychologist Karima Bouallalene, professor of the Degree in Physiotherapy and the double degree in Physiotherapy and Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, explained in a interview in Cures magazine.

In the interview, it is pointed out that in relation to the pelvic floor and the great taboo that there is, and has been, in relation to dysfunctions that are related to it.

Pelvic floor dysfunctions, in addition to triggering physical difficulties, which people associate as natural problems due to age, being as normalized as natural consequences due to aging, the people affected remain
importance to the issue and largely make the decision not to inform the health system or receive any treatment or professional help. According to Bouallalene, many of these dysfunctions can be treated without having to go to the extreme of surgery and one of these possible treatments is through physiotherapy.

Luckily, he points out, this issue is no longer taboo, thanks in large part to young people, who are more likely to attend health care than the elderly, who are even more reluctant.



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