Last Monday, September 27, the R + D + I day in products and services for culture, tourism, trade, sport and leisure organized by Talència was held. EUM professor Albert Blasco took part.

The day was attended by, among others, the Minister of Innovation, Universities and Business, Josep Huguet, the Minister of Culture and Media, Joan Manuel Treserras, the Secretary General of Sport, Anna Pruna , and the director of the Office for Coordination in Research and Innovation, Jordi Cartanyà.

As a result of a participatory analysis process carried out in 2009, the PRI 2010-2013 identifies 17 major socio-economic challenges to which to focus research and innovation, in the coming years, in Catalonia, in order to generate high levels of wealth and well-being: competitive enterprises, quality public services, an advanced society, and sustainable and intelligent progress.

To turn these challenges into solid opportunities for the future of Catalonia, it is essential to bring together, through new complicities and forms of intersectoral and interdisciplinary cooperation, the creative, scientific, technological, training and innovative capacities of the country, to achieve the best talent, new knowledge. of excellence and new solutions in the form of products, services and processes.




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