An electronic publication of digital journalism of the Degree in audiovisual media

Since last week, the EUPMt has started publishing a new digital medium: Digital Society, which must bring together the work of both students and teachers linked to the Information Society. he wants to be:

• A media-lab for the practices of various subjects in the multimedia area of ​​the new GMA
• A digital magazine published by students and teachers of the Polytechnic of Mataró
• An educational resource to support the teaching of the degrees taught at the Polytechnic of Mataró
• A space to reflect and learn about the impact of the Internet and new audiovisual media on society
• A meeting place for students, alumni, teachers and professionals
• A tool to collaborate in the management of the collective knowledge of our School
• A place to publish audiovisual works
• A specialized media in Catalan
• An informative and educational portal for the whole educational community.


The Creatic Awards are open, an opportunity for the best entrepreneurial initiatives


Professor Antonio José Planells obtains the accreditation of professor