The Chair of Circular Economy and Sustainability of the TecnoCampus collaborates with Maresme councils to implement circular economy and industry 4.0 strategies in the construction sector.

Collaboration with ten Maresme councils to transform the construction sector 

On September 30 the Tecnocampus hosted the conference on "Technosustainable construction in the Baix Maresme", in which the Chair of Circular Economics and Sustainability at the Tecnocampus set out the challenges and opportunities for transformation of this sector from two main axes: the implementation of Circular Economy Strategies and the use of Industry 4.0 to achieve this. 

The value chain of construction (building, rehabilitation of buildings and infrastructures) is a traditional sector that will be the subject of a radical transformation towards energy and environmental sustainability thanks to innovation, the application of new technologies and training of companies and people. The diagnostic work carried out by the Chair points out that, although it is a sector with a significant economic weight, it is also a sector of activity with unsustainable environmental impacts: therefore it will be necessary to incorporate new tools and strategies that they allow the modernization, sustainability, improvement of the qualification and the expectations of future for this engine of the economy of the zone.

The Tecnosostenible Construction project aims to carry out actions of promotion of employment and economic recovery, based on the momentum of the tech and in the accompaniment to the digital transition of people and companies towards a sustainable, inclusive, competitive and egalitarian socio-economic model within the framework of the value chain linked to construction.  



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