Last Tuesday, August 30, the final conference of the I-BOX project took place, the second "Multiplier Event" by the University of Turku in Finland. The event was held face-to-face for professionals in the Finnish health sector, academic tutors and practice managers from the various health centers in the Kupittaa district and the city.

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As project coordinators, TecnoCampus researchers Ester Cabrera and Carolina Chabrera, accompanied by Carles Garcia, head of the Learning and Innovation Quality Service (SQAI), presented the results of the "Simulation-Based Training Program for Nursing Practice" training program ". This training took place for 20 days at the TecnoCampus Health Innovation Simulation Center with the participation of fifteen international students and where the platform was evaluated. 

On August 31, after three years, the I-BOX project concluded with the last coordination meeting "7th Transnational Project Meeting". Matters related to the final phase of the project were discussed, giving importance to the tasks in the process of completion, indicators of activities carried out, and the final documentation to be delivered to the state agency of the financing program. During the meeting, the final evaluation was briefly presented where different opinions and lessons to be learned were extracted. It was agreed to continue with the maintenance of the platform by updating the materials in view of the option that in the near future other European projects will be launched following this pioneering and transformative model.

The "Digital Toolbox for innovation in Nursing Education (I-BOX)" project has been carried out with funding from the European Commission within the 2019 call "Strategic Partnerships for higher education KA203" within the framework of the Erasmus+ program. With 90 videos, 60 podcasts and 60 infographics on nursing procedures, it has enabled digital learning to be incorporated into the training of nurses in European universities. On the other hand, this resource is also of great interest to some of the health centers as they have shown in the various events organized during the project. The work done has finally brought great results, such as the open access I-BOX platform.


"Let's Dance", short film by students of the Degree in Audiovisual Media, selected to participate in several festivals


Participation of TecnoCampus students in an international meeting of the Start for Future Program