On November 25, at the Nau Minguell, Josep Estela will give a talk-colloquium under the symbolic title of "Reinterpreting the past", in which he intends to make the world of the world known in a graphic and simple way. stratigraphy, and how the work of the geologist resembles, in its process, that of the detective ...
The talk is based on the premises and the coincidence of the exhibition "The Art of Geology", by JOSEP ESTELA, geologist and photographer, and MARIA OMS, painter, and which can be currently viewing in our Prison Art Room.
This is a very unique exhibition, as it is a double sample of painting and photography in which a geologist tries to capture photographically what attracts him most of certain tectonic formations, from a scientific point of view and with a pedagogical and il • illustrative, and an artist captures in painting what these photographs suggest from a purely plastic point of view: textures, shapes, colors ...

It is like a double set of mirrors, or as they say themselves "A scientific vision, an artistic interpretation" of the same reality, interpreted and reinterpreted according to the different points of view of each of them, according to their different interests. and purposes.
The exhibition is mounted in such a way that each photograph is presented side by side with its technical description and the painting inspired by it.

The conference will mention, with the projection of images, this double way of seeing the same reality.

November 25, 2010, at 19:30 p.m.
MediaLab space


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