The Chair of Social Economy at TecnoCampus, with the team of researchers formed by Eloi Serrano, Ismael Hernández and Màrian Buil, supported the new cooperative in the creation of a business plan and a feasibility plan.

Yes we rent, in Catalan "Lloguem", is a project led by Mataró City Council and started at the end of 2018, which aims to explore solutions based on the social and cooperative economy in order to generate an alternative supply of affordable and stable housing in the city of Mataró. With the aim of publicizing the results obtained so far in the project, a presentation event was held at the Mataró Connecta space, which was organized by the Diputació de Barcelona with the support of the Mataró City Council.

The main results, the result of the work of these last years, are the creation of a new tenants' cooperative, Bloc Cooperatiu, which already has 100 members, and the acquisition of 61 homes so far. In order to encourage the uptake of these homes, a series of advantageous measures were created for the owners, such as subsidies for lost funds for energy efficiency actions in the homes, carrying out rehabilitation works, collection guarantees, tax benefits and free rental management.

The participation of TecnoCampus, as a partner in the project, consisted of carrying out a quantitative and economic impact assessment. Regarding the impact assessment, led by researchers Josep Maria Raya, Catalina Llaneza and Helena Hernández, the indicators that have been worked on throughout the project and the results of the analysis of the first data obtained were shown of the first rented homes. As the researcher Catalina Llaneza emphasized, to be able to see the real impact of the project it is necessary to collect more data and information when a certain amount of time has passed, since we are still at the beginning of the operation of the cooperative and with the first homes captured.

On the other hand, the Social Economy Chair of the TecnoCampus, with the team of researchers formed by Eloi Serrano, Ismael Hernández and Màrian Buil, supported the new cooperative, Bloc Cooperatiu, in the realization of a plan company and a viability plan. Currently the partners of the project are working together on the future sustainability of this since the endowment of European funds ends in October. Specifically, the objective is for Bloc Cooperatiu to consolidate itself as a new agent in the housing market, able to generate and manage flats to guarantee the continuity of this project to promote affordable rent. Ultimately, this innovative project gives the opportunity to experience a new solution to one of the main current social challenges, such as access to housing.

In fact, it is already a benchmark at an international level since in June of this year it was awarded the "European Responsible Housing Awards" in the category of fair financing for affordable housing in the framework of the "International Social Housing Festival ” held in Helsinki. Yes we Rent is a project financed with European regional development funds through the initiative of innovative urban actions (UIA), which provides resources to test new solutions that respond to urban challenges. The consortium that makes this project possible is made up of the Mataró City Council (coordinator), the Provincial Council of Barcelona, ​​Fundació Unió de Cooperadors, Salesians Sant Jordi, the Institute of Government and Public Policy of the UAB ( IGOP) and the TecnoCampus (centre attached to Pompeu Fabra University).


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