The Mayor of Mataró, Joan Antoni Baron, and the President of the Municipal Institute for Economic Promotion of Mataró and the Fundació Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme, Alícia Romero, chaired yesterday the 5th edition of the Night with Vision, the annual meeting of entrepreneurs organized by the IMPEM.


The event took place in the auditorium of the Tecnocampus and was facilitated by journalist Francesc Santiago. During the night, the Cre @ tic Awards were presented, which this year have reached their 10th edition.


The Tecnocampus Mataró-Maresme Foundation convened the 10th edition of the Cre @ tic Awards last July, which aim to promote entrepreneurial initiative in the field of technology and innovation, and contribute to the socio-economic development of Mataró. and the Maresme by supporting new business projects.


The Cre @ tic Awards are a recognition of the best business initiatives, in the field of technology and innovation, chosen by representatives of the fields of public administration, business and entrepreneurship. As a novelty, this year the awards include a 12-month free stay in the new TCM incubator:

1r Awards: endowed with 9.000 euros, a year of free stay in the TCM incubator and the design and development of the corporate website.

2n prize: endowed with 1.000 euros, a year of free stay in the TCM incubator and the development of an email marketing campaign.

3r Awards: one year of free stay in the TCM incubator and acorporate web hosting for one year.

The second prize for the best Llavor project is endowed with 600 euros.

The jury of the Cre @ tic Awards has been made up of the TecnoCampusMataró-Maresme Foundation, the Barcelona Provincial Council, the Department of Labor of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Innova Program of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, the Group of New Technology Companies of the Information and Communication of Mataró and Maresme (Gentic), the Catalan Foundation for Research and Innovation, Acc1ó and Caixa Laietana.


In this year's edition, 31 projects were presented, which represents a record figure that doubles those presented in the previous edition.


The first place went to the business project Cyborg Foundation, a project that promotes the use of cybernetics to improve human conditions, presented by Neil Harbisson and Moon Ribas. The jury highlighted, in addition to its social component, the great technological innovation of the project, closely linked to the Tecnocampus research groups.


The second place went to the business project ModpoW presented by Vicent Ferràndiz, Alexandre Roca, Alexandre Sala and Jordi Barceló. It is a company dedicated to the design of wireless sensor networks specializing in the agricultural sector. The jury highlighted the technological component adapted to the agricultural sector and the ability to create jobs.


The third place went to the Alsimia business project presented by Jordi Ricart, Hernán Di Pasqua and Joaquim Barris. It is a mathematical consulting project that offers services to improve efficiency in the business processes of companies. The jury highlighted the high-tech application that gives very good prospects to many emerging markets.


The Second Prize of the Cre @ tic Awards is aimed at the Best TecnoCampusMataró-Maresme seed project for students in the 2009-2010 academic year at the Maresme University School and the Mataró Polytechnic School who have developed their business project in the Marc of the CUB, the talent renovator of the TCM


5 projects have been submitted to the call. The jury assessed as criteria the originality and the degree of innovation of the idea, the business potential, the business model and the degree of development of the project.

The prize is endowed with 600 euros contributed by the TCM, which have been awarded to the project Dolores Entertainment, a company that creates video games and applications for iphone. The jury highlighted the capabilities of the developer and that the video game industry for mobile devices has a long-distance market. The jury also wanted to state the high level of all projects, highlighting their business vision and a clear market orientation.


The Creatic Awards are open, an opportunity for the best entrepreneurial initiatives


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