HUB4T is the new brand for the permanent training of the TecnoCampus. This denomination includes all the offer of master's degrees, postgraduate degrees and own degrees, in addition to the offer of short courses or those designed. ad hoc for companies. 

The new brand has been presented in society with an event at the TecnoCampus congress center, which has gathered a hundred guests, and in which the mayor of Mataró, David Bote, stressed that a new stage is opening in which the commitment to training aimed at companies will play a central role. "TecnoCampus is key to competitivenesst not only from Mataró, but from the Maresme and the whole of Catalonia. We support companies in various areas, in which we now add lifelong learning, "he said, adding that" the city has understood that it must be diversified, that it cannot depend on a single sector, and training is key here. ”Bote noted that lifelong learning is essential, and at TecnoCampus citizens will find the tools that make it possible. The general manager of TecnoCampus, Josep Lluís Checa, insisted on the commitment in this area, and assured that the training catalog will be expanded in the coming months.

The head of the new HUB4T unit, Luz Fernandez, noted that "we are thinking about developing new skills and new ways of learning, and new formats such as short-term ones." The new brand is inspired by the concept of connection node (hub), to which are added a T that evokes concepts such as Training, Talent, Today, Tomorrow or TecnoCampus.

The event featured a presentation on competitiveness and education by the consultant and entrepreneur Xavier Marcet, which praised the TecnoCampus' ability to set up a "success model" in the Catalan university system as a whole. In his lecture, Marcet stated that "the abilities to learn, to obtain results and to adapt are crucial, and this depends to a large extent on whether we have a good learning ecosystem". This ecosystem, he pointed out, must be collective, and must be incorporated into the culture of companies, although ultimately it must be a personal commitment. "Learning should not be imposed, but should be based on the conviction of the people," he concluded. 

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