The FabLab spaces at the Rocafonda School, in alliance Magnet with the TecnoCampus, are the materialization of linking science, technology, #STEAM and the maker world.

The Rocafonda school has presented the FabLab spaces, which are the tangible result of linking STEAM and the maker world through the Magnet alliance with the TecnoCampus.

The Magnet program has been developed at the Rocafonda School in alliance with the TecnoCampus Mataró since the 2018-19 academic year through an educational transformation project focused on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) and the maker world. as vertebrate axes. The Rocafonda School has hosted the presentation of the FabLab spaces, which materialize the Magnet alliance with the TecnoCampus and which has had the participation of the representatives of the institutions that promote it, the City Council of Mataró, the Department of Education, the Jaume Bofill Foundation, the TecnoCampus and the Mataro educational center. The director of the Rocafonda School, Roser Majó, explained that “the #FabLab spaces that we present to you today are the result of the important commitment on the part of the entire teaching staff in education in all the students of the school, to advance pedagogically and respond to the needs of each student ”. Majó explained that these spaces encourage creativity, experimentation, problem solving and teamwork among students, and stressed that “The creation of these spaces has made the alliance with the TecnoCampus very strong, as they are the experts who advise us and make suggestions for improvement or problem solving ”.

The partnership with TecnoCampus brings to the Rocafonda School the knowledge in the field of technology, STEAM and audiovisual to generate motivating projects for students, teachers and families of the school. The general director of TecnoCampus, Josep Lluís Checa, stated that “TecnoCampus has a strong commitment to the dissemination of STEAM and we see that the Rocafonda school is a source of vocation generation in this field STEAM and above all, taking into account In fact, the Rocafonda School has been actively involved in the TecnoGirl project promoted by the TecnoCampus, a project that aims to promote technological vocations in the group of girls aged between 12 and 18, for In this line, Checa added that “With the Magnet program we have been able to contribute our knowledge to the educational project of the Rocafonda School and see the 'impact on students who may one day be in our classrooms'.

The head of the Magnet project at the Bofill Foundation, Roser Argemí, referred to the two axes of the program, educational innovation and equity. In this sense, he emphasized that: “Magnet strongly challenges the administrations that must take measures so that all schools in Mataró have equivalence and have this magnet for families, and therefore be a reflection of the reality of the municipality ”. Argemí pointed out that "the management and teaching staff of the Rocafonda School is one of the keys to the success of the magnet, a faculty that is being formed and that is being asked every day how to do its job even better".

The director of the Territorial Services of Maresme-Vallès Oriental in the Department of Education, Simó López, thanked the openness to the environment made by both the Rocafonda School and the TecnoCampus and remarked that: “The association of different institutions, in this case a school and a university, we think is essential to grow our schools further. In addition to having students with educational success in school, we also seek that success outside of school. ” López emphasized that the alliance promotes values ​​such as diversity, equal opportunities and promotes the equity of all students, regardless of their socio-economic and cultural background. On behalf of Mataró City Council, the presentation was attended by the Councilor for Education, Miquel Àngel Vadell, who stated that “Mataró is once again proving that it is an educating city based on the Educational Transformation, which is more necessary than ever in a changing context like the one we live in ”. FabLab spaces at the Rocafonda School The Rocafonda School has created three FabLabs spaces, which can also be called maker spaces, digital spaces or creation laboratories. One is an electronic space, focused on technology, the other a maker space, dedicated to gears and constructions, and a last one called dirty classroom, where students can experiment through mud, painting and other forms of 'creative expression.

In these spaces students experiment, manipulate, and test, but also, they can plan a project or idea and carry it out. The pedagogical aim of the spaces is that as they are presented with difficulties, problems or unforeseen circumstances, they have the support of classmates, adults and the contents worked on, to solve them and thus enrich their learning process. In order for students to learn by doing and experimenting, based on mistakes and successes, it requires a faculty capable of accompanying them and guiding their learning process. In this sense, the magnet training with Eulàlia Canet and the accompaniment and advice of the Tecnocampus professionals in the cloister of the Rocafonda school has been key. In this sense, Tecnocampus experts have trained the school's teachers through co-creation workshops, design thinking and support and mentoring workshops in the creation and revitalization of FabLab spaces. Magnet. Alliances for Educational Success “MAGNET.

Alliances for educational success ”is a program that involves educational centers and institutions of reference in innovative and quality educational projects that brings together 33 centers with a total of 10.168 students and 1.107 teachers from 20 municipalities throughout Catalonia. The aim is to support schools in the development of projects carried out in partnership with an institution of excellence. Magnet is a program promoted jointly by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Fundació Jaume Bofill and the Institut de Ciències de l'Educació of the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, ​​in collaboration with town councils such as Mataró. , which also has another Magnet alliance, that of the Peramàs School with CREAF. The participating institutions are leading institutions in a specific field of knowledge (science, technology, design, art, audiovisual communication, etc.) that have an educational commitment to society, and a great capacity to transfer innovation and knowledge.


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