The inauguration of the 22-2010 academic year of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) took place on 2011 September in the Vèrtex building. The act was presided over by the rector, Antoni Giró, and was attended by the Commissioner for Universities and Research of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Joan Majó, the president of the Social Council of the UPC, Joaquim Boixareu, and the general secretary of the UPC, Anna Ma. Abelaira. During the event Mr. Francesc Belil, CEO of Siemens, gave the inaugural lesson "science and technology, the key to a sustainable future." The event was attended by all the directors of UPC centers. The EUPMM was represented by its director, Marcos Faúndez.


The Creatic Awards are open, an opportunity for the best entrepreneurial initiatives


The TecnoCampus opens a new audio recording and editing studio in accordance with current standards in the music industry